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  1. In all honesty, rubbing alcohol will do worse to your skin than any form of acne can. If i'm not mistaken, the point of alcohol is to render bacteria (and other viruses) useless via degrading the protein in it's cell wall. Basically, you're ruining the cell so it can't survive or replicate. What's the difference between a bacterial cell wall and a normal healthy cell wall? Not much I presume. Alcohol, if applied to the same area cells, will ruin them. 2x a day may really hurt your skin. I'm no m
  2. I have quite a severe cystic acne problem on more or less my chin, DEAD CENTER ON NOSE, chest, and back. The rest I guess I can handle. Cystic is the worst though. I find myself untagging myself in way too many facebook photos because of outbreaks. My chest has been the worst lately. If I go out and drink one night, the next 2 weeks are HELL for my chest and face. That's honestly why I cut out alcohol. But i'm still seeing awful breakouts. I noticed that people who cut out red meat, dairy, and g