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  1. thanks! hey, i used to live in CA, too.

  2. I like your profile pic...truce....ah, if only it were so easy :/

  3. I think I noticed my pores getting larger around 21 or 22. I've been using retin-a 0.1% for about a year and it hasn't really helped much. I only apply it at night, and my skin is always oily when I wake up (which is odd because I normally have dry skin). I recently started using these M.D. Forte II products that my new derm recommended. I like these products because they exfoliate all of the dry skin (more so than retin-a) without over drying or making my skin oily, but who knows how they'll fa
  4. i think popcorn and pretzels are fine, but everything in moderation. my favorite snack is 40 spice hummus with assorted veggies.
  5. I know this may seem corny, but you should read "The Secret." It sounds like you're really trying to get your life in order, and I think it would be a good book to help keep you on track. Just do things that make you feel good about yourself and pretend that your skin is flawless. A little bit of confidence goes a long way. Maybe that's all you'll need to get clear. If that doesn't help, try accutane. It worked for me.
  6. I cannot use BP. It makes my skin scaly, itchy, and red. I think you’re using way too many products. Is your acne bad, or are you just trying to achieve a smoother post-acne skin texture? After I was on accutane, I used MaMa lotion, which really helped to keep my skin clear and smooth. I only applied it at night, so my skin was allowed to breathe during the day time. If you were to try this, make sure you use a good moisturizer as well. Whenever you use a product that dries your skin, you must
  7. I think that the dry weather makes people produce more oil to help moisturize the skin and since your skin doesn't exfoliate itself as well in the winter, this oil gets trapped, causing breakouts. I haven't worn wool in years, and I still have acne.