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  1. Hey everyone! Right now i have these Sebaceous Filaments that fill up all the pores covering both my cheeks and all over my nose, jaw line hair pores, lower forehead: basically t-zone, all in my scalp. Now i have eczema, i have extremely sensitive skin on my face and i get redness very easily, My skin is very dry and dehydrated. Due to this i really don’t use any products on my skin at all, i wash my face with cold or sometimes luke warm water only and i moisturise w
  2. Did anyone find anything with diet for these Filaments?
  3. Hi Guys, I AM ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE FOR SOME ANSWERS HERE!! THESE THINGS ARE RUNING MY LIFE. So the photo i have attached is the closest thing to my skin right now except with me there is no runny oil anyway, My skin is very dry, if i wipe my finger on my face there is no oil on my finger, them filaments now plague all over my cheeks, not just by the nose like is shown in the photo, mine are also prominent on the forehead (T-zone), their on the jaw where hair grows, chin, back and chest.