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  1. I surely think there ain't any of accutane left in your body. It's the affection that accutane has left as it has reduced tremendously the excretion of sebum. If it is (as it seems) too bad to hand and accept, I think you should go to see a derm and ask what would be the best solution for your skin. P.s. I used roaccutane and my skin is still a bit dry, not too bad and I need to moisturize it every day to keep it like that but it's much better this way than if it would be too oily. Best of lu
  2. Voi, ikävä kuulla Ei, en ole mennyt dermin puhelle, en sitten a) jaksanut b) nähnyt tarpeelliseksi siinä vaiheessa kun päivä koitti (peruin hieman ennen...). Naamassani kun ei ollut oikeastaan yhtään oikeaa finniä, vain näitä inhottavia punaisia jälkiä ja leukaluun tienoilla on sitten yksi näppylä nyt. Harmittaa, kun tuohon punaiseen, ja lähinnä OHUEEN ihoon (siksihän se nyt itsellä ainakin on punainen, kun se niin ohut on että kaikki veri paistaa läpi, varsinkin ulkona ) ei oikein tunnu
  3. Mitään uutisia Suomesta? Vaikea ajatella, että edellisestä postauksesta tähän threadiin on yli 2kk takaa Ja asiat ovat menneet vain pahempaan suuntaan... Finnejä pukkaa harva se päivä ja nyt pari viikkoa ollut otsa niiden peitossa, poskiin ja leukaan harvemmin, mutta aina sielläkin yksi jos toinenkin näkyy. Punaisuus ei ole kadonnut, mutta tuskin se on juurikaan lisääntynyt. Ikävää. Ajattelin, josko varaisin uuden ajan ihotautilääkäriltä, ja pistäisi minulle uuden kuurin
  4. Hi! I wanted to give this a shot so I made the mask this morning. I have read that if you don't use anti acne cream or something, this might not work. Well, the fact is that I haven't used any other product this far than Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam (http://www.sebamedusa.com/424.html). So is this enough? regimen now: night: 1) Sebamed 2) b.soda 3) acv morning: 1) Sebamed 2) egg-white mask (with lemon) moisturizer after acv and after mask. is this ok?
  5. I guess you don't know but mine looked EXCATLY the same yours! though now I have got rid of that shit on my face, the red marks are the only problem (which are also excatly similar to yours - including a bit large pores around nose and cheeks). ACV or lemon juice would be considerable things to try, more info you will find using search functions ^^ Ps. Now I'm using just Sebamed Clear Face Antibacterial Cleansing Foam and water twice a day.
  6. How soon is this shrinking your pores, as it seems to do so? I think I would buy some just for closing my pores a little. Good idea?
  7. Hey. I think, too, that it's not a big deal either you take those pills as you're recommended or split it. For my mental I would split it But to speak truth, I don't no is it better or not. But nice to hear you're haveing progress, I think too that I'm having some progress with my red marks and large pores (using just ice cubes and some cleaning froth or something (in english to explain) and moisturising evry day) cheers, Zech <3
  8. Well I don't know what on earth people on there would do if not tring to find cure for acne So It is not embarrassing to walk in. More embarrassing is walking around the street doing nothing for your skin's condition. At the clinic people see (at most) that you care about your skin Cheers, and not be embarrassing^^ Zech
  9. Itsellä loppui tuo Sebamedin puhdistusvaahto ja olen ollut niin saamaton, etten ole apteekkiin päässyt ostamaan sitä lisää. Pitäisi varmaan. Nyt käytän vain humektania silloin tällöin, mutten aamuisin enää (illalla satunnaisesti), ja syön 15mg (välillä 30mg) sinkkiä ja 500 tai 1000mg C-vitamiinia. ajattelin lisätä tähän jonkin näköisen E-vitamiinivalmisteen, joko voiteen tai tabletin, jos nyt saisin itseäni niskasta kiinni ja valittua jotain. Otsassa kun on nyt vähän e
  10. I never get sick, basically. I think I had my last "illness" (if we do not caunt acne) about seven - eight years ago when I had a vomit disease. After that, I haven't had anything to mention (cold etc.). I sport a lot. When temperature decreases under zero degree celsius, you might find me on the street with just a t-shirt My normal body temperature is about 38.0-38.4â—‹C. Cheers, Zech ^^
  11. Hei Roope. Nice to hear your skin is ok. Mine is still getting better although I ended my course about 6 weeks ago. It's still a bit dry after shower but not otherwise. My porse are still getting smaller (thank god!) and that's why it will look better week by week The redness on my face is also subsiding, slowly but surely. Ouuu my face feels just soooo smooth and great! Cheers! Zech <3
  12. I didn't get an IB and my dosage was 30mg/day from the beginning. If you're scared to start high dose, stick with lower for sure and increase if you can tolerate it ^^
  13. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Vitamin-B...ion-t15341.html Though I think you must have seen that page on this forum
  14. Derm said to me it to be out of your system in a month. And that what I experienced about (been off it one month and one day today, yey!). Redness is (un)fortunately calming down now but some of it is still there. Faster everyday, though, I think so! Cheers, Zech
  15. 135lbs, 30mg/day for nine months. Total intake was 8000mg.