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  1. Fourth month on the regimen of which I've been clear for one month. Now, after the one clear month I have a breakout. I didn't change anything in the regimen, not a single thing. So I was wondering what it could be. Just a random breakout or might something have effected it? The only things I can think of are, well, sauna with my girlfriend and one thing led to another and so on. Note that having a sauna doesn't break me out by itself. One more that I can think of: I forgot to wash my new pillo
  2. I don't plan on starting a new thread just to ask one question as this thread suits just fine. Can you mix the sunscreen with the moisturizer and apply them together?
  3. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...l=thin&st=0 Found this. It's something similar, but meh, not really. I really don't know what to do...
  4. The skin near my mouth looks a lot more darker than the rest of my face. It might even sting a little and get a little red after applying moisturizer or something, and it did sting like hell when some of the 8% AHA got on it. When looked closely it's like the darker skin is peeling off or has some sort of small wounds on it and my face looks pink under it. Is it just that thin? It even feels dry and like rough at the same time, not like the rest of my face. I just want to get rid of the darker
  5. Basicly do I apply it without BP or moisturizer? I plan on using it at night, maybe every second day or so. My problem area is near my mouth and nose. It doesn't really get dry, just really flaky and it feels somewhat hard and harsh when you touch it. I really hope the AHA can help in eliminating it. Oh and how many applications do you think I need to get rid of most of it? Just once and then keep on doing it regulary?
  6. Using Basiron 5% BP here too. I know it feels rough and heavy at first but give it a few weeks and your face should get used to it. I couldn't even tell anymore if I'm using BP or not.
  7. I can't help to ask since I never knew stress could make such a huge difference. Whenever I'm having a really bad day and I keep stressing out about things, my face breaks out during the night. Over all it looks like shit in the morning. I notice it every single time. No matter if I'm on the regimen or whatever.
  8. Well, I bought the one made by Finnish Favora and oh my god, it's amazing stuff. It goes on very smoothly and it doesn't clumb up, it doesn't have that natural sunblock smell and it doesn't irritate my skin. It doesn't even leave that white haze on your skin. Now I just hope that it doesn't break me up
  9. The one from Eucerin with 5% urea (it's sold under a few different names) is the best I have ever used. It might look a little greasy if you apply it too much (it's all in the application) but you can just pat the rest off, that way it doesn't look greasy at all. http://www.eucerin.co.uk/dry_skin/5_urea_face_cream.asp Meh, you were looking one with SPF in it...
  10. So, does aloe vera gel have some sort of a light sun protection or not? If not, I have been looking for a few choices that I could try. 1. http://www.favora.fi/tuotteet/?cat=3 SPF 15 by Titanium Dioxide, not with chemicals. Fragrance and colourant free. Water proof. Contains aloe vera and allantoin. 2. http://www.eucerin.co.uk/sensitive_skin_fa...luid_spf_15.asp Likewise SPF 15 by Titanium Dioxide. Also fragrance and colourant free.
  11. My skin is actually doing very good and it's not dry at all, thanks to the moisturizer from Eucerin. Even BP doesn't irritate it at all. So I think I will order some of that salicylic acid gel, liquid or lotion. I can just add a few drops of it to my moisturizer and apply it after the BP like I have been doing?
  12. As the title says, I've been on the regimen for nine weeks now. All of my inflammatory acne is gone. Might get a pustule or two sometimes but it's rare, might be caused by the fact that I sometimes tend to use a little too much force when putting the BP on. I know, I shouldn't. Now I'd like to get rid of these non-inflammatory whiteheads that keep appearing on my cheeks. My moisturizer from Eucerin already contains a mild AHA, lactid acid, which should help but it seems that it's not enough. I
  13. Just got a new, better baby brush too. Feels some much softer than the one I had before, even though they should be the same thing. Might just start using the method daily.
  14. Same here, my face has always been a little darker than the rest of my body. To be honest it doesn't really bother me. Could it be that yours have always been the same way too, but you're noticing it just now when your face is clearer and you look at it differently. Don't know.
  15. I've been using aloe vera gel as well, I mix it with my moisturizer 50/50.
  16. As the topic stands, summer is coming to Finland and the sun is already shining. I've been doing so great with the regimen and I wouldn't want to mess it up by testing new products that fit my skin. So is it really a must? As a sidenote, I've only once burnt my skin in Finland, and that was while spending multiple days outside under the sun with no real protection. As of know, I haven't been using anything with an SPF at the summer. I don't sunbathe and if I plan on spending the whole day outsi
  17. I did try the baby brush method once, I didn't really like it. Maybe it was because of a bad baby brush. I guess my skin just got used to the BP as it doesn't itch or get red anymore either. And thanks for the tip, I'll wait a few more weeks and see what it brings.
  18. Just to let everyone know: the dryness and flakyness is gone. Well, my skin still gets dry, naturally, but it's nothing compared to the way it used to be. In fact, nowadays I could get over the night easy without a moisturizer. I've been on the regimen now for, hmm, four weeks. And my skin is looking better than in ages. The only problem I have now is some random non inflammatory whiteheads. They see to come and go as they please. Any tips that would go with BP as salicylic acid is pretty much
  19. Oh, the baby brush method looks something worth trying. I'm going to get one tomorrow.
  20. Well, I began with quite a large amount of BP so that may be the case. At least my skin doesn't get red anymore. Too bad I'm not totally clear yet as I've been on the regimen for just two weeks. One new pustule, the rest is just non-inflammatory acne. Oh yeah, the moisturizer contains a mild AHA, lactid acid.
  21. I've been on the regimen for two weeks now, and as the topic states, my skin is dry and flaky. The moisturizer from Eucerin containing 5% urea takes care most of the dryness, but after washing my face or waking up at the morning, my face is awfully dry and flaky. Mostly around my mouth, nose and eyes. Even though the moisturizer from Eucerin takes care of the dryness and my skin doesn't feel tight anymore, it's still somewhat flaky even after applying the moisturizer twice. And to be honest, it