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  1. I was on marvelon and just stopped it , it made my acne worse I was on it for about 6 months. but dont let what i say discourage you, as it used to work well for me before, I just think my body is changing or something. although my face had mild acne the marvelon gave me big deep painful cysts on my chin. really deep underground ones. i stuck it out thinking it was an intial breakout but they never went away, then the cysts spread to my nose. ...maybe if i stayed on it longer i would have cleare
  2. I know its confusing :S I think what I would do is leave it for a few days, but maybe in a sealed container (sterilized ) and pop it in the fridge. Im not sure about leaving it in the sun. Anyway, I guess experimentation is key here. Id go with the sealed container tho and not leave it open if you plan to leave it at room temp. (things could fly in, etc). I don't think that it's a good idea to keep it in a fridge. Just keep it in a dark sealed bottle at room temperature. No exposure t
  3. Hi everybody I've moderate hormonal acne and my doctor prescribed me marvelon 21. Well, i've been taking it for nearly 3 month with one break only. I can't say if it's helping me as my face got back oily again after being less oily for 2 weeks about a week ago!! Huh, strange...but i'm giving the pill a go. I've got a few questions. What's the best time of taking birth control pill? In the morning or at night? Can any food be taken? Also, those who are on marvelon 21 for acne pls write to me. L
  4. Just store it in a dark bottle in the shade and cool place. And i don't think that old urine can be made of morning urine only. I really don't think that sweat can improve acne. I usually try to wash my face asap after working out. I think it's sport and blood circulation during workout that makes your skin look better :)
  5. Hi, I've got kind of same situation now. But i'm on BCP (2, 5 month). My skin is less oily and looks prettier, but the right side of my cheeck developed 4 pimples all in one place. I'm too excited about it. I've got this feeling that these are my last pimples:) Fingers crossed for both of us
  6. In that one article (link posted above) it did mention urine used as a topical is much better to be alkaline than acidic. It says to pee, and leave it in a warm area then use it. I've noticed that some people say that they use the first urine of the day, which is technically, the most acidic. For those who it didnt work for, Im wondering if its because fresh urine was used, and not the alkaline urine. This might make a world of difference. ... Just a thought.
  7. I'm glad it works for some. I wish it would work for me as it would be the best medicine ever for acne! I tried urine the day before yesterday ago and it gave me two more pimples! It's so quick at giving me them!! I'm so tired to battle with acne that sometimes i think maybe i should try old urine (it's has much ammonia) on my face and stay home for a month and see how it goes. Anyone tried it?
  8. Hi, I'm also on Marvelon (11 weeks, 4th pack) and i'm slowly seeing improvements. Although, recently i had 2 cysts formed on my cheek (after a 1 week break) I'm confused. In general, my skin has improved, and became less oily, but pimples develop occasionally. I guess i just need to give it some time, from 3 to 6 month. I think that Marvelon is helping me as my sex drive has decreased which means that androgenic hormones generation which are a cause of my acne has decreased. I never had mood s
  9. I think food can affect the smell of urine. Try drinking a lot of water and peeing 2-3 times before using urine on your skin. You will see the difference
  10. I never had acne in my teens, but when i turned 21 i started having some forming on my face. Then i decided to try urine. It used to help me with other medical problems before, and i actually used urine on my skin long before my acne and it made my skin beautiful!! Everyone would ask what i was doing to my skin. So i tried applying urine on my skin and it made my acne worse. I was then told by those who are into Urine Therapy that it's just a crisis period and i should be patient. I really never