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  1. I am currently on antibiotics for h pylori. And btw, I already consulted my derm and was advised to stop taking accutane while on meds for h. pylori. I just hope that I won't get any breakouts.
  2. I am unfortunate as I was diagnosed yesterday that I have a Helicobacter Pylori. Been hospitalized for 2 times already because of it. And I am under accutane for 2 months now. I am not sure if it is safe to take accutane while I am still under meds to combat Helicobacter pylori. Anyone experienced this before or is experiencing this? My check up with the doctor will be this coming Monday. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. I have few questions regarding the drink Whey Protein. Any help would be greatly appreciated! 1. Is there a specific brand that I should buy? 2. How about flavors? I am just done with my acnetrex (accutane) and now my dilemma about acne is starting to haunt me again. I am suffering from acne since the age of 12 (I am now 23 years old) and my skin is good so far except for one bump on my right cheek. People were complimenting my skin but my other dilemma aside from acne is my weight. I'm just
  4. My cousin who is like 6 years old or younger made a comment on my red marks. I was walking and he said ugly and what's with my face? I just laughed about it because he was still innocent about acne but to be honest, I wished that day that he would suffer from acne as well and I seriously wanted to buried him alive. Also, some of my friends making fun of me because of my acne. I didn't said anything back because I wasn't in the mood but how I wished that I said something harsh as well. One ti
  5. Thanks for the knowledgeable advices. I'll make sure to follow them. My problem is about the carbs since rice is good source of it and me, being an Asian eats rice every day. lol I tried preparing the lemon olive oil drink but our blender wasn't working.
  6. Is there a reason for that? I do take ACV as well but after finishing my meal. What I normally do is to have 1 1/2 tablespoon of ACV or sometimes 2 in a glass of water. I also add 1 1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup. I drink this twice a day.
  7. I'm still 50-50 about this. I remember back on college days during semester break, I broke out and I was assuming that it was because of MB or it might be just a coincidence. These past few weeks, I didn't mb for 3 days and I noticed that my skin was calmer and then when I did it after the 3rd day, some bumps had appeared. Still, even before the 4th day, some bumps were starting to form so mb might not be the cause after all... Does mb burn calories or could make someone skinnier?
  8. Thanks again bosR ad EddieE. So I have to add olive oil, almond and walnut on my grocery list. Also, I don't like salads.
  9. Thank you very much! I will definitely try this. I have lemons already and now all I need is an olive oil.
  10. Olive oil is high in calories (1 tablespoon=120) so the lemon might just be used to mask the flavor and make the olive oil more palatable and it's really just the calories from the olive oil that help with the weight gain, not some magical combo of lemon and olive oil.
  11. bosR - I am clueless about my ratio to protein fats. lol And yes, I still few acne that I need to take care of. Peanut butter will give me a breakout. EddieE - I am scared of almond and walnut. I am really careful on what to eat. I don't eat junk foods. lol I tried the easy route on gaining weight last year which was to eat dairy products, lots of chocolates and bread. Result was disastrous and it left some marks (that I still have to get rid of) on my face when then the acnes were gone. Than
  12. I am currently drinking apple cider vinegar (cleansing drink) and does it contribute for my weight loss? I am around 106 lbs or less, 5'2 and my friends told me that I am getting skinnier. I seriously want to gain weight and if possible to become fat rather than a victim of acne but anyways, what are the things or food that I should eat for weight gaining without breaking out? My metabolism is fast and I mean, fast that no matter how much I eat, nothing is happening. I am thinking of hitting
  13. Thanks for the response. I am hoping that acnetrex would clear my skin from acne and that glutathione will do the trick as well especially on the marks but I guess that won't happen. And I added you on YM.
  14. Thanks for the response! I am having 2nd thoughts about glutathione because aside from the effects, it will gonna cost me around 70 bucks per month. Yes! I am from the Philippines. Good guess. How did you know? lol