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  1. Can someone recommend something for me to minimize my scars? I believe the scars around my temple are different than the ones around my cheek. I'm looking for something I can do myself (order online, drugstore etc.). I was thinking of buying some sort of facial peel but I've read that retin-a could be an option as well since my scars are not *that* deep. Thanks in advance!
  2. hi, i've always been using the clean&clear concealer treatment stick in medium shade (it matches my skintone). i know its probably meant for applying just to certain spots with acne however i rub it all over my face then with the help of my aloe vera lotion, i'll blend it into my skin. Anyways, my problem is that for some reason, all the stores i go to don't sell the medium shade anymore, all they sell is the light shade, so i guess i need something new. can anyone recommend me a good con
  3. okay heres the deal. Im a guy (chinese if it makes any difference) and a few months ago i got this T-Zone Clear Up Concealer (a rollerball one) and i've used it until now. However, i just ran out of it and i cant find it anymore so now i need to find something else to use. Im probably not using a concealer properly but instead of dabbing it on pimples i actually roll it all over my face (since i have scars) and then just gently rub it in. Anyways, i dont need to COMPLETELY cover up my blemis