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  1. Forget medical research....ive always been a bit sceptical about food and skin... BUT i was just very ill recently, and didnt eat any solids for about 14 days...and CLEAR SKIN.?? So, 'something' im consuming is causing my breakouts, and all i know is its NOT milk, because while i was sick, i drank nothing but milk. Go figure, im getting a full allergy test done, asap. Or I could just stop eating altogether, and survive on milk, id be glowing....
  2. I have felt uncomfortable, but at 35, cant waste life worrying what others may be thinking. I detest the very pretty perfect skined girls, who really stare at your face, with pity, but at the end of the day, I used to be one of them(perfect skinned), and i know i didnt judge( before i had acne) if anyone is ever rude, tell them to loose the attitude! after all, theyre just shop assistants! Its a no brainer job, that any girl with model like looks can get...department store counter girls. plus,
  3. well, hoorah for you with scars and happy?, or are you really, why bother to rant on this forum? I certainly dont waste hours on here, i hope people dont, its simply a forum, where information can be shared. I bet you are a guy....its easier for guys to have scars, lots of male movie stars have scars..noticable ones. But how many female actors have noticable scars? not many, if any. I dont hide indoors all day because i have scars, infact i work in an industry where i cant wear make-up, so i
  4. THANKS! as it turns out, im also moving interstate, so now i have a chance at realxing a bit. Relationship gone bad, time to go, theres most of my stress dealt with. Plus a lifestyle change for the better. Im really fustrated this easter long weekend, NO shops on this little island i live on are open..so im dealing with whats in the fridge. I really want breaky and a green shake...hmm it sounds yum. Im happy with my weight, so i have to be carefull not to loose too much. My dog, is my reason
  5. You might want to start with one change at a time, get accostumed to it for few days and then add a new change. So begin with changing your breakfast and walking everyday. What are you eating now for breakfast? How much? How fast? How long after waking up? You want eat your breakfast as soon as possible to stop the release of stress hormones from your depleted (by the night) body. You want to start the day with something nutritious, eaten slowly and with calm and not to stuff yourself. Divide
  6. Crayola, I replied because i thought it seemed like a bad problem, and i think its an individual thing, thats why, in my reply, i mentioned all those married guys, with clear skin. I also said, that if you are convinced then seek help, (this forum is not a medical information site) Now, after reading your few replies, i am of the opinion, you sound angry, and fustrated, i dont mean to take the piss, but you sound like you need some sex. All that pent up 'anger' will cause break out.
  7. Hello, Im not proud to admit, I dont treat my body right, dont eat well, excersise irregularly, and have just given up smoking, both cigarettes and pot. Thus stuffing up my hormones as well. SO, I realise im terrible with my health. Please dont lecture me. I had laser done, while living this unhealthy lifestyle, its no wonder it didnt work.No wonder isolagen only worked a little. Ive had a lecture from my dr. about cell growth, and all the ways i have been making it so hard for my body. Oh im
  8. My bf cant understand what im worried about. He cant believe the $$$ I will spend to help fix scars. Im about to pay almost 1000 next week on product and facial. But, realises I want to do it for ME, and to feel 'normal' again. So if it makes me happier, then he hopes it works. He feels sorry i went through getting most of my scars from a laser stuff up. He says he noticed my scarring when we met, but within 2 minutes my personality was bigger, and they just didnt matter... My bf is really
  9. umm sorry im a girl. But i couldnt help read the post.... its full on, and you might be onto something, why not see a specialist maybe a doctor can help you with hormones. There are alot of guys with no acne, and im guessing theyre doing what people do....so why is that?? why isnt everyman breaking out. Everyday. Surley you cant blame acne on 'it', and IF it is real, then I think proffesional advise would be the answer. Because its a rare problem. Gawd I heard more sex is the answer...... Don
  10. Im really bothered. REALLY REALLY. I HATE my scars. My bf says he can hardly notice them, lucky him.(he doesnt wear glasses) Im getting dermarolling treatment spaced out over a year, hoping it improves my scars. Thanks for your kind words I recently posted a picture in the scar gallery. eerrg.It may not be up yet. It will by tomorrow. Cheers. Mandy
  11. Working with kids, in a pool, as a swim teacher....lol..kids are brutally honest. #why do you have holes on your face? miss4yr old. # can i catch that on my face? a concerned 11 year old. #ive got clearasil you can have, it works, but you have to wash face too" 14yr old, meant well. and adults... Oh darling you have a bad breakout! (really, i dont own a mirror, i didnt wake up today and notice it!) "god your skin looks shit" a friend "do you regret trying to get rid of your scars on tv???" (is
  12. Ive had people say, 'whats that on your face'? lol... and cry on the inside. When i had active acne. have been known to scream back, "I OWN A FU#KING MIRROR YOU KNOW, AND 'YES' IVE SEEN MY BIG ZIT"...wanna name it for me? Im not a bad tempered person, but i cant stand ignorance, and stupidity. Some people just have no idea, and until they go thru what we have, they cant know how it feels. My mothers a classic, she whines when she gets 1 spot on her perfect skin, but then tells me, its time
  13. I find the mineral veil to be too chalky, and it feels as though i have just too much powder on. I have both, but skip mineral veil most days, and it feels better. Apart from that, ive tried most other loose mineral foundations, plus a few hard powders, and ID remains the best, by far. Its not cheap in Australia, but its worth it. I had never heard of allergies from it before? (*seeking someone in the us to buy it for me! will pay of course! the website is US only.)
  14. Im sorry if my reply offended, it was not intended to! Yes im jaded, and tired, and ive done so much for my scars, with little results. I dont mean to sound negative! As i said, if citazenpandas' happy, if he feels better, and feels the scars are softer, achiving a visable result, then he has succeeded. Its a definate improvement. What % i couldnt say..what do you feel it would be citazenpanda? All im saying is, with treatments available, thats all most of us will ever get= an improvement.