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  1. if i woke up like that i would probably smile and be in disbelief. THen when i found out it wasn't a dream idk i prob be the happiest person ever
  2. sounds like you have nothing. I had the same thing when i entered freshmen year. I took for granted that. I just used oxy pads and yeh occasionally i would get a pimple or so. So after highschool my face broke out after i used acne free. I still live with the problems. So to help you out 1. don't use anything that makes you break out worse before it gets better. If after 1 day u break out i say you stop to prevent further damage. 2. Go to your dermatalogist ask your parents about it. He'll give
  3. so does microdermabrasion reallly work. I hear great things about it. Then i hear that after you 6-10 treatments that the effects wear off. So is it true that the effects wear off if you don't continue after you treatments? Also, if it does then i don't understand why if you get it done and it scraps off the skin why it wouldn't stay that way. I don't know much about the effects of getting microdermabrasion done so i'm hoping someone can answer my questions
  4. Sorry if this is already posted. QUestion about microdermabrasion once your done with your treatments and you skin looks the way you want can you stop getting them and still maintain the look? Hope i wrote that question so you can understand it. Any insight would be great.
  5. Acne sucks. I have the same thing man. I went through bad shit. Im still going through problems. I have rosacea i think and because of that i can't have microdermabraison or anything done to fix pockmarks or acne scars. I don't go out and become less social. SOmetimes i need a reality check becuase i dream that this didn't happen. Nothing crazy like, i mean your taking one of the most powerful things on the market for acne. If you live in the new york area go to the *Moderator edit, URL removed
  6. For those of you who just need to vent and someone to listen or hear what you have to say. I know i need it sometimes. It keeps me up at night. Ex. Talk about your skin problems and what you hate the most about it. Talk about problems that may be bothering you and want to know if anyone else has been through. Talk about stress reducing activities. I know i have problems that keep my up at night. I have been recent to this forum and most of my posts have just been to vent. I religiously use
  7. 1. Why don't you wash your face 2. People with acne are gross 3. The look and stares of people hurt the most
  8. 1. Knowing my skin will never be the same again. (When my skin was clear) 2. Anxiety, Stresss, and Depression 3. Using the regimen religiously, and affects what i do
  9. So obviously i have acne problems otherwise i wouldn't be on this website. In a matter of 2 months my face broke out severely. It continued for another 3. I have no cleared any inflammation but i have been dealing with severe hyper-pigmentation. I seeming have rosacea problems, which i never had before. I also am got this odd rash on my skin. I think thats what it is. I went to my dermatologist to ask about the spot but he gave no answers and put me on another rosacea topical. I have since had a
  10. I have been using finacea for what was mild rosacea the only problem was a few bumps on my nose. Now for some reason my rosacea has flared up from using it. I have gotten painful pustules on the side of my nose where my rosacea is present. My scalp and neck have gotten pimples as well. None of the has ever happened to me in my life. i'm 18 years old and i feel like my dermatologist is not addressing my needs. I have tan skin and i read that finacea is not well studied with people with dark compl
  11. Hi guys this may be long but feedback would be so greatly appreciated, Let me start from the beginning. After this past august my face had 5 or 6 bumps which looked like pimples or so i thought. So of course i couldn't live with this, so i used the acne free product and it made my face have severe acne in so many new places my face looked disgusting. Then i went to my dermatologist in november and he had me on Finacea and Clindamycin. I broke out even more then around January it subsided and n