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  1. I play in Georgia (not exactly a hockey state), in a HS hockey league. Its full check, but I wouldnt realy compare it to a tier 1 AA midget league from up north. There isnt very much open ice checking at all, mostly hits along the boards. The open ice hits realy arent very hard. I am planning on going out for travel next year, midget AA hopefully, so I guess it would be best to get the accutane over with before then. A broken bone isnt neccesarily impossible in my league as bodies coliding could
  2. I am playing high school hockey 2-3 times a week. Broken bones arent that common in ice hockey, but being a contact sport it is possible. I know that the accutane booklet, it says something about broken bones possibly being a problem. Does anyone have any experience or opinions regarding accutane and a vigorous sport. Maybe some of you could give me questions that i could ask my derm. when I go on 10/13. Ive been fighting medium acne for almost 2 years, mino, tetra, duac, Retina-micro 1% triaz p
  3. hello, On the bottle it says avoid exposure to the sun. Is there anyway I can tan?, should I spend less time?,put on suntan lotion? I need to tan, so please help me out Thanks
  4. in the regemin checklist, it says nothing about aftershave. Does this mean that aftershave is not supposed to be applied after shaving? will bp do its job?
  5. Hello, I am planning on starting the regimen tomrrow. I will wake up at 8am, do the routine and do it before i go to bed. The problem is that I do physical activity twice a day. Once at about 10am and the second time at about 230pm. I sweat quite a bit during these and take a shower when i get home following both of these. What should I do about my face? Thanks in advance T3m17