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  1. eggs- lectins and egg whites are a common food allergy. im trying to cut out all possible causes to clear up what little existing acne i have, fruit- the fructose. fructose malabsorption? im thinking fruit would probably be the safest thing to add back in compared to grains eggs or butter.
  2. my acne is alot better but i've lost 20 lbs. im lookin sickly. i've always been thin but now im underweight. what foods are recommended to gain weight ? i don't tolerate coconut products and avoid all dairy, beans, grains, fruits, and eggs. i eat 1 lb beef every day plus lots of vegetables plantains and sweet potatoes. same thing everyday
  3. im thinking sweet potatoes or yams, coconut milk, plantains, tubers and ground beef would be best b/c they are less likely to cause acne.
  4. im not a big guy,. how much meat/ eggs/ protein should i be eating daily? eggs from a local farm/pastured and all other animal products are from animals naturally raised.
  5. im not bodybuilding, i just lift weight for 45 mins twice a week and bike. i sleep at 11pm every night. my acne reoccurs in the same place. sometimes i feel worse after eating like more tired. my digestion sucks like i burp alot. i think i may have trouble digesting fat and starch. i eat most leafy green vegetables. i have allergy symptoms daily too-runny nose its mild but i think im sensitive to something ive been eating. ive considered fructose malabsorption, i guess i should cut out
  6. ok so i still have acne its more mild though. what else should i stop eating to clear up completely? i keep my carb portions low; like half a plantain or half a sweet potatoes to lower the glycemic load of a meal. i eat: carbs all vegetables squashes- winter butternut acorn spagetti sweet potatoes and white sweet potatoes plantains both ripe and unripe green apples~1 a day proteins eggs- i eat alot 4 whole and 4 whites daily grass fed ground beef around 1/2 lb daily lamb chi
  7. cut out all dairy. have lots of cooked egg whites for protein- this is the best solution. there's a bunch of dried egg white protein powders, jay robb makes one. get a powder if you don't want to boil and peel a dozen eggs. you could also try beef gelatin powder. Research by Melnik (2011) showed that whey protein was a particularly potent stimulator of insulin and IGF-1 release. these hormones then increase sebum and keratin production causing clogged hair follicles -acne. http://www.ncbi.nlm
  8. if i go out with friends maybe once a week is it going to affect my skin? i try to stick to low GI and no dairy but you cant always find choices like that. my acne is not fully cleared yet. i recently has a green tea cold drink at a coffee place- im pretty sure it had sugar and milk in it. i thought it was plain green tea but nope. so i guess within 2 weeks i should have more breakouts?
  9. any updates panic!! ? what have you decided? im looking into getting the same stuff done. i want to avoid lasers if possible. have you looked into silicone scar sheets? you have to use of for months on scar though. its hard finding a derm that knows how to treat scars without lasers :/
  10. this is sort of what matt stone of 180 degree health blog recommends. that carbs do not actually cause an insulin response, omega 6/ poly unsaturated fatty acids should be kept very low, and that long term strict paleo/low carb or any diet causes emergence of a bunch of new health problems like lower metabolism adrenal burnout, and hypothyroidism. but i haven't come across people on the blog that have moderate acne and have it clear up on his high carb diet... http://180degreehealth.blogspot.c
  11. stop taking it and see if breakouts go away. let this be the only thing you change. you don't have to take efa supplements flax/ fish oil if your eating a diet very low in omega 6. standard american diet is high in omega 6 and then you need a supplement high in omega 3 to balance. omega 6= inflammation and health problems/acne. you could just eat alaskan salmon occasionally and get enough omega 3 that way if your still concerned. most fish oils are crap/ toxic not worth the $$. you could try g
  12. i want to try this. did you wait until you were clear to test dairy? what brand of kefir grains did you get off amazon? i tried making yogurt with raw goats milk before and that didnt turn out so well, bad culture or something. goats milk is great but i think sheep is the best ive been buying sheep milk yogurt pasteurized though. sheep milk seems to be more potent : higher in calories/minerals/vitamins... Table 9. Average gross composition, minerals and vitamins in milk (100 g) of 4 species (K
  13. primates dont eat cooked foods so if you are going to argue that we share their dna you should also recommend humans eat all raw food. do they eat grains? most primates/apes include some animal foods (even if only insects) in their normal, natural diet A low carbohydrate, high protein diet slows tumor growth and prevents cancer initiation. from- http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21673053 avoid grains/lectins not carbs. low gi carbs are fine like the kitavan diet- "The reside
  14. Too me id depends on his age.If hes a younger man he looks a bit too skinny for his body type. If he is an older man hes in great shape, if he is younger early 40s or anything then hes looking a bit weak. Just my opinion. His skin doesn't look bad but not incredible. Whether this was Photoshopped or not it looks like he may have a mild dermatitis or something making is complexion redder. um i dont think you should draw conclusions about the paleo diet based on how he looks. there are other
  15. paleo blog post i find relevant- from http://thepaleodiet.blogspot.com/2010/03/p...from-where.html Q: While this style of eating and living makes sense to me, I am still left with the question of how to meet the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for calcium. From all I've read on the subject, it's not possible to reach the RDA with vegetable sources (unless you include fortified soy or rice milk). Since dairy isn't part of your scheme, how does a person meet the RDA? Or do you disagree with