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  1. I have a problem. I'm getting SICK and TIRED of all the supplements. Why are supplements becoming everything? I've noticed that even the "healthy" eaters here still take like five supplements a day. And come on guys... some of these things are huge. I find myself with at least 3 supplements a day, sometimes four, (the ones in pill form) and BCP, and thats without taking a pill form multivitamin. Most of these servings are two pills each. Fiber in some forms is SIX pills per serving. Sometim
  2. EH i say if i'm going to be "bad" enough to eat gummies, i might as well get some vitamins with them! However, having them actually "work" to fight acne... hm... kinda doubtful IMO
  3. Am I being stupid? I'm starting to get worried here. Ok so I've been on the pill for quite a long time. I heard all the worries about DIM and the bcp, but I just shrugged it off. The week before last I forgot my pill for like 4 days, and i started early. I noticed on Saturday(before last), said "oh shit" and started took all the pills at once, and kept taking them regularly since then. I started *AGAIN* the following week (spotting), the time I would normally start. And I've been spotting s
  4. I really want to try a colonic, but I want to be sure that it's a valid help for my body. A lot of people are saying it's BS. =( Sounds like a good idea though, IMO
  5. My husband is small boned and will eat out every day if allowed. The only way his weight is somewhat in check is due to the USMC, and luckily for him he isn't acne prone. But I worry about his nutrition, and the risks for later disease. As lame as this sounds... I started making his lunch and preportioning his breakfast. If he has an apple, a yogurt and exactly 1cup of cereal waiting for him, that's what he will eat (the alternate being a full breakfast at ihop or something equally calorie
  6. Nekhebet is sticking to her egg white and spinach scrambles....
  7. You know, i've tried so many things to include antidepressants... erm... im told weed helps, but i can't make myself try that... HARD EXERTION helps, i mean LONG runs or boxing... boxing is therapeutic... kicking/punching the crap out of that bag makes you forget for a good bit that gnawing feeling extreme stress has. Video games are only good if you have the time to get *into* them, which I don't anymore, and I think a lot of people don't either. Books only help once the edge is off.
  8. Robin eggs are my weakness! ZOMG IM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!!!!! /cheer
  9. i've heard that it contains a potential carcinogen in the artificial sweetener. and yes, i've heard studies that show a greater body fat percentage with diet drinkers vs normal soda drinkers. erm. i still don't want the calories.... =( Wouldn't it be worse to eat some of the other crap im tempted to eat instead of satiating myself with a clear diet drink? I drink lots of water... (*note to self: will eat musty shoe if soda causing acne*)