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  1. Interesting. Clinical studies have shown that longterm calorie restriction can dramatically decrease sebum production. Blackheads have nothing to do with having toxins in your liver. It has to do with a lack of keratinocyte flow in within the follicle caused by certain deficiencies and imbalances with various enzymes and other agents that normally prevent the cells that shed off from the pore wall from sticking together with the excreted sebum. When you inhibit sebum production, you simply lesse
  2. Please don't do it. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/big-pores...s-p-t66920.html
  3. Wow, amazing information, 2012!! P.S. I'm sending you an email, so take a look when ya can! : )
  4. Very cool. Just to get a better idea of things, how deep and how wide was the ice pick before, and how deep/wide is it now? What was done to that scar --- just PRP? thanks!
  5. Yeah... This post seems a tad suspicious. Afterall, this is the acne *SCAR* forums.
  6. I have seen photos of skin regenerated from deep second/superficial third degree facial wounds, using the MEBT (moist exposed burns therapy) and the texture was, in my opinion, not satisfactory at all. Almost similar to some kinds of acne scarring. Here's a link to the image: http://www.box.net/shared/static/g93s4bnoyr.jpg I've circled the areas that look bad. My guess is that follicles can sometimes be shaped like a pear, so when you take the skin down many layers, the pores will appear bigger
  7. Let me first say that, after learning of the requests of the owner of this board, I'm hesitant to make anymore posts on the acne.org thread about a nonprofit foundation I'm starting. This isn't my forum, and thus against the rules to promote about another effort, for-profit or not. This is all totally fine, as there are plenty of other legit ways to create awareness for a cause. Anyways, as far as the last posts made by Isoflous and longingforhope: It wouldn't be right of me to "make" any prom
  8. Hey, Foxclose, not to sound like a jerk (please don't take it that way!) there are literally hundreds of products like this on the market, and there have been for quite a while. Not only that, but, being a marketing/design professional, I have a really hard time taking a company seriously when their website is so hideous. I have worked with companies like these that tout a product like this, and as far as I know there's really not any hard evidence to show it's effectiveness. I don't think it co
  9. yea i see it as well. also the hand it turn to much and we cant get a good look at the burn marks. What you have got to remember is those images were done way back in 2003-2005, the protocol involving this ECM would have been improved and anyway, the protocol here would be different to the one you or I would use as less emphasis would be put on complete regeneration. Also the first three photos the regeneration is outstanding on the hand, complete scar free healing has been achieved. http://
  10. Isoflous, can you perhaps extract the before and after photos from the pdf and post on this thread? This article requires a purchase. Could you do that?
  11. Thank you so much, Allex, and someoneelse! Your answers have been really enlightening.
  12. 1.) How deep were your scars? What was the deepest one, as in how many mm deep would you say? 2.) When you say "rough" does that mean kind of wrinkled, or mottled with teeny tiny bumps/divets? Sorry for so many questions!!! Alex, I have a couple questions for ya: 1.) how deep and wide were your large scars? 2.) How much have your large scars filled in? 3.) When you say some scars are not 100% blended with surrounded skin is that because they are still a bit depressed, or bec
  13. Hi, someoneelse, did the filled-in tissue have the same *texture* as the surrounding skin, even though it was a different shade? If not, is it noticeably different and would you describe the new texture? Thanks!