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  1. Personally, I wouldn't take the vaccine in the first place, do a little research on the effects vaccines have, and past history in which vaccinations actually made people sick, several leading to death. Google it. -Vaccine Dangers-
  2. Hi there, I've completed my accutane course for +3 months now, 6month course of 60mg/day finally OVER!! :) I truly wish you the best of luck. >>Like bending down and stuff really hurts if you dont lift with your legs if you understand, anyway - does this wear off? Probobly throughout most of my treatment I had the same problem as you, I would go to the sink, bend down to wet my face or brush teeth, and I found that I had to wait almost a minute before I could stand straight again,
  3. thing is, im not always red, its just a on off thing, if i think about it ill blush, or if something embaressing happens or laugh alot, but most of the day im fine. i havent "stayed" red so thats good at least.
  4. hey man thanks that means alot I genuinely wish you luck with your course, its a difficult period. I had loads of side effects unfortunately but still pushed through it because you know what man, its going to work, trust me! It's totally worthit so just keep at it. And if your thinking at some point "I'm taking too many mg's i should reduce" then keep in mind this point - the more you take, the more chances your skin will remain clear I guarantee you youll be ok, i was breaking out even untill
  5. Hi, I'm 20 years old and had acne problems that completely destroyed my social life/confidence/well-being for 4+ years (during highschool + university - not cool lol) untill I went to a dermotologist and was prescribed a "miracle" drug called accutane. After literally going to hell and back for 6 months during the course I have to say I have never been happier for as long as I can remember, I never thought that my problem would actually be solved and Im happy to say I haven't had even a spot for