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  1. not even that bad actually... it was Differin-night 1 Nonthing-night 2 Benzamycin -night 3 Differin - night 4 ..
  2. hey. i use differin every other night nad have been for quite a while. I forgot it one night, so I waited until the next. THATS THREE DAYS!! my derm told me it works every night or every other night (and it does), but what about every third night? if I go back to regular scheduling, do you think i'll be alright? i know it might sound crazy, but did i throw off the whole scehdule and set myself up for a breakout or something? or will just one night probly not hurt as long as i go back to the regu
  3. Okay, so. I use differin every other night and benzamycin every other night. Been doing this for a very long time. For some reason, I skipped differin one night and had to do it the next night. That's THREE DAYS!!! My derm told me that using differin every other night is enough to keep it going, and for me it obviously has been because it's worked very well, but waiting until a THIRD night? This may sound silly, but did I blow that whole year of medication with that one night and now I'm goin