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  1. Hello! I see this is quite an old post, but in hopes that you'll respond -- What was the length of time between your first and second layer? Is there a time limit for you, or just when you're satisfied with the frosting?
  2. Doopie

    Scars, scars, scars.

    These pictures are during my Skin Culture 4000 Peel. They've made my scars a little lighter.
  3. food but I am feeling eons better. Haven't really done much topically... I've been using this SA wash with tea tree oil for a cleanser, and have been trying to use very little make-up for work.

    Planning to cut out diary and grains once I start rolling again with food and see how it turns out.

  4. I got really sick right after my peel so it seems like my skin got worse... I decided to leave school early and come home, I felt like I was dying. I am doing a lot better now, I've just been so sluggish and I felt like a big mucus ball so I am in the process of completing the Master Cleanse... I just ate a few pieces of pineapple as of yesterday... it's been almost two weeks with no solid

  5. Hey girl. No, I never tried the peel. Between diet, BCP, and topicals my face is much more under control. Also, with the addition of using AHA lotion and Jojoba oil my skin's textures is much better and the dark marks are fading! How are things with you?

  6. hey, did you ever try that peel? Or did you just change your diet?

  7. Still trying to understand all of its benefits... for the most that I can comprehend in a nutshell it is supposed to help clean the walls of the small intestines so that nutrients are better absorbed. If anyone's tried this and would like to share info, positives and negatives, I would be delighted to read... thanks in advance!
  8. I was either going to follow the Blood Type diet or do the Nutritional Type diet... I ordered the test and took it... but how do you know it would be an accurate type placement just with a few questions answered about how you eat? I don't understand. And, did you cough up money and speak with their special nutritionist? I'm on a liquid diet right now getting all this gook out to start from scratch, I just want to start the right way... Breaking out is so taboo.
  9. Just curious also... what is your blood type???
  10. Hey, I've taken iodine a while ago and did not see results... maybe it is because I continued to eat glutenous foods...? I am currently doing the Master Cleanse, and once I'm off of that, I will start my gluten-free diet and see how it goes. Do you ever order food online or do you just shop at your nearest healthfood store? And, when you said you did the liver flush, did that consist of the EVO and grapefruit juice, etc? I am trying to see if there is away to get around that... ...and stil
  11. For the first couple of days it isn't so bad, (that's just me, though, some people wouldn't be caught dead going out even after the first day!) I would leave the house right now, and this is my second day... after the third day is when it's safe to say you should remain indoors. My first peel took a total of 8 days, so 4 days of the applying the treatment and four of the dead skin peeling off. I cheated a little and chipped the dead skin away that was on it's way off, and it didn't affect my r
  12. Wow, I haven't been here in forever. I giggle when I read how I've felt some few years ago, time is flying... So here's the deal, once I went to college, and my skin was way better, by the next year it was HORRIBLE all over again... I felt like I was back to square one! Until I read this book about dieting based on your BLOOD TYPE. Find out what your beneficial and neutral foods are, and definitely stay away from the foods to avoid, and see what happens... I cut out chicken from my diet (si
  13. let's bump this up... I've just come across this product as well... has anyone used it, or at least heard of it, too? .
  14. I agree jade, and this is a great start! You can definitely research more herbs at http://www.blessedherbs.com in their herbal formula section. They have already made formulas specific for different parts of the body [internal parts, that is], or single liquid extracts you can purchase!