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  1. If you'll look just a few topics down on the page, you will find mine about the chemical burn I believe I have on my face because of BP. I have always used it, just not in such a high concentration. This time I bought a 10% BP gel. I used it all over my face in small amounts, and every pimple I had has cleared up, but let me tell you, my face is horrible from it. It got really dry, which is weird for me because I have oily skin, and kind of shrively and it felt like leather. And it was red
  2. I've used BP before, just the regular 2.5% stuff, like AcneFree (similar to Proactiv) and other stuff you can get at the drugstore. My face is getting REALLY dry, too... the redness isn't as bad now but its flaking. And the texture is still horrible. I got the St. Ives exfoliating scrub that is supposed to be gentle, and I'm going to use that tonight and see if it helps any. Or makes it worse, whatever. I've been laying on the moisturizer and liquid foundation like crazy, trying to make
  3. I started using a generic of the Clean & Clear persa gel which is 10% BP. I used it two mornings in a row. When I woke up this morning, my face was red everywhere except for around my eyes (where I didn't put it). It is puffy and bumpy looking and my skin feels like shoe leather. I was reading some of the reviews of this products and am wondering if I may have a chemical burn? If so how long will it take to heal and what can I do to help it? I put foundation over it and my skin looks a
  4. I know you are not "supposed" to use the Salycilic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide together. I guess because it is extra drying to the skin? My skin is oily, and I don't think a bit of dryness would hurt it.... A few days ago I found a post here related to that explaining why it DOES work well to use both. I can't find the post now... But I bought Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Wash which is 2% SA and a generic of Clean & Clear's persa gel which is 10% BP. I have been using it for a couple
  5. ew seriously fuck trade secret. the worst service and people ever. i will never ever buy anything from there again!
  6. I have been using the Neutrogena stress free wash and gel treatment for several weeks and its not working. It helped some at first but now it's as bad as it ever was. I used AcneFree for the longest time and it kept me really clear, but after a year and a half or so it started to make it WORSE. I am wondering if I could have just gained a sensitivity to BP? Does that happen? I've never tried any antibiotics or prescription meds, just because of the hassle of going to a dermatologist I guess
  7. The one you need is called Fiber, it is made by American Crew. It is in a can, sort of like a pomade but has no shine and a pretty decent hold. I work at a Trade Secret and all I do is sell hair products. If you can find a TS, go in and look for it, and don't be afraid to ask for advice, the girls at TS are almost always pretty well trained on the products...
  8. I work at Trade Secret, and this happens a lot... If you've bought it within a year, and you still have your reciept, you have to call them first for an authorization number and they will tell you what to do to send it in, and they will fix it for you. If it's after a year, or you don't have a reciept, call them and they will still fix it. It will cost you $35, which is better than paying for a new one... So many people don't know about this, and just say oh well and buy a new one. As for a
  9. I've used it ( I switch stuff all the time, so I haven't been anymore) but I do still use the mousse foundation, too. I don't think either one broke me out any worse than I already was... plus the foundation covers pretty well.
  10. I am using it right now, and it is not working for me. I've been using the cleanser and the gel treatment for several weeks, and I'm breaking out worse than usual.