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  1. no believe me its definitely not the lighting, im talking, scars are basically invisible in the morning, vs at night. ill take comparison pictures to show you the difference its very extreme, believe me. I just i wish i could isolate what scientifically was reducing their visibility, and do my best to maximize the effect. I could probably talk to a derm but i think id have to go to a doctor and get a recommendation again now because ive been off the tane for too long that i no longer have statu
  2. yeah, I've tried eating extremely spicy food, to see if that could help because its highly anti inflammatory, but it doesn't seem to make a very noticeable difference. Ive also tried to vacuum the scar a bit to puff it out but that doesn't work at all, i know im retarded, whatever, it was worth a go. the shitty thing is i have a big row of scars right in the middle of my forehead, where the natural crease is so i think that just helps accent them even more so. stupid things...
  3. yeah, i wonder if its actually something related to sleep that helps or if you just get more blood to your head when your lying down, or if its something to do with the body temperature decreasing while you sleep...
  4. Hey all, its been almost a year since ive taken acutane and all my major acne is gone. I have some left over redness and scaring however. The strange thing is in the mornings my scars are hardly noticeable atall and my skin is an even tone and looks great! but the later it gets in the day the more pronounced my scaring becomes and the more splotchy my skin seems to get. This is quite annoying since its usually in the night when i am out and about So I guess sleep is having a great healing eff
  5. So i didn't take dim today, and i got a pretty bad headache. I havn't got headaches for probably about 4 or 5 years so its quite weird. Is there like a DIM withdrawal? i drank a lot of water today too, probably in the 2 - 3 liter range. Any thoughts ?
  6. thanks for the quick response bran! It's intresting you say that they could both be giving me seperate IB's as i though having a phase 2 would reduce the whole IB. Perhaps i should just take taurine for the next two weeks or so and see how things go and then try adding a low dose of DIM? The problem with taking 500 mg of taurine is that my taurine pills are 1000 mg's so that might be a bit of a problem. Would 1000 mg a day be ok? This Acne is alot diffrent from the old kind i was geting. Most
  7. Hey guys, DIM is also making me breakout much worse. I'm on day 11 and things just seem to be getting worse and worse each day. I'm a 21 male taking 1 natures way dim and 1000 mg taurine at breakfast and dinner. I added taurine on day 6. Basically it went like this: day 1-3 things looked like they where improving! oil reduction day 4-5 1 or 2 very tiny acne on lower face very short duration day 6 started to get a bit worse so i went out and got taurine day 7- 11 things just keep on getting wo
  8. I Started taking dim last Sunday (today is my 6th day) at first it seemed like it was helping a lot, as my skin was starting to heal and clear up quite fast and i was getting absolutely no new acne. On the 5th day i noticed one little tiny zit on my chin, it was barely noticeable but i don't usually get acne down there, its usually on my forehead, cheeks. So ive been reading the boards everyday for the past while, and i figured from all the talk that the reason for this was my lack of phase two.
  9. Day 3 of DIM things are looking great so far, my skin is 90% less oily then usual (i usualy have to remove the oil a couple times while at work) i havn't had a single new zit, and the ones i had are fading fast. Even my chest acne is starting to dissapate which is like unheard of because it seems like it hasn't changed for like a year. I must also mention then ive been exfoliating with bha aswell so that could also be contributing. The other thing im taking is nutrasea fish liver oil 2 tsp dai
  10. Hey all, ive been lurking these forums for about a year now, anyways, they have been really insightfull and helpfull to me. Im a 21 male and have had acne since i was about 13 anyways, i started taking natures way DIM today, and thought i would help contribute to everyone's curiosity by updating you all with my progress. I've been taking fish oil (nutra sea) for a few months and have definitly noticed it making a diffrence (especialy when i ran out and had a major break out). but everything el