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  1. I want to second this. I am SO sorry that I ever tried vitamin b5... i took it for a year and now i have chronic fatigue, chronic insomnia and the acne is rapidly returning. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay away from this stuff... I don't know what to do with myself anymore. Trust me, getting rid of your acne is not worth giving up your sleep and health... that (not the 10.99 per bottle) is the true price of megadosing vitamin b5. I'm a student at an excellent university, and my grades are taking a h
  2. yeah im 3.5 months into my accutane treatment and my face is 100% clear!! its truly amazing. i finally feel like ME again!

  3. Hi, are you on tane right now? looking good!

    -All the best x

  4. cheer up =( tane helps a lot.. do you have acne on ur face too or just ur back? I'm sure that tane will help... best of luck
  5. i know exactly how you feel.. i turn away from people, towards the door on the subay.. unless i'm with friends b/c i know they won't judge me... all i can say is keep going at it.. I'll prob try acccutane too if vitamin b5 doesn't work... best of luck <3
  6. bump. i wouldnt mix.. why would u
  7. My skin is super oily too.. i somwtimes shower with only water after school b/c of how oily it is... i'm not sure if it makes my skin even more oily , but I just can't stand it.. right now i'm on vitamin b5 (which is supposed to make skin less oily) I've noticed a little decrease in oil production, but hopefully it'll decrease more... I'm taking 8g a day (that's sixteen 500mg pills a day). and i will increase to 10g a day soon... hope this helps
  8. I've been using tazorac for a lonng time (maybe 11 months or more.. i cant even count b/c i stopped going to my derm)..I'd like to know if i should stop the tazorac. I'm on vitamin b5 right now (8 grams a day.. increasing to 10g slowly) and i think my face is a bit less oily.. but still oily nonetheless... I want to know if i should cut the tazorac and just wash my face b/c i fear i have roscea (sp?) now.... i blush A LOT .. i'm 17.. and when I'm pointed out in some way or another in class my fa