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  1. not sure where you're based or what kind of price range but i love topshop jeans, they always fit me really well
  2. ok so my skin had not stayed very clear the last few days as it had been before. I've done some research and I think it may be down to different water supplys. I had been staying at my boyfriends and I had had nothing new at all. Since coming back home I have had at least 5 new spots, all of them small apart from a small nodule grr. Anyway, my boyfriend has soft water and at home it's hard water. I think my mum is gonna get a filter because this has fristrated me....I thought I was finally seein
  3. guilty as charged....and it affected my grades too thankfully the number of ucas points I need isn't too high....
  4. I always end up getting addicted to forums....Those numbers do make it sound like I'm doing well but I have no idea how severe that means I was to begin with...haha! It looks like you're doing really well too! and yes I wish that the derms I'd seen before had recommended accutane years ago so it wouldn't have got so bad....ahhh derms for you!
  5. Hi everyone! I'm trying not to come on every day...because time goes way quicker when I don't . Just to keep everyone updated I am now on Day 62! and I have just come back from my Derm appointment. He has now upped me to 80mg a day as he says I am coping well and he wants to give a good shot at keeping the acne away long term. Well my hands have started developing slight excema but it's not too bad. The worst thing for me atm is how badly scratched I am getting. My dog playfully jumps up at m
  6. hey! your face isn't that bad - keep your chin up :]]]] you don't seem to have half as many marks as me - lucky cow hehe! omg you look so different with blonde hair, its amazing how different people look with different hair colours! anyway...i would say i started seeing improvements halfway through the second month so stick in there....not too long to go xxxx
  7. Day 57! wow...It is going fast. I've been so busy over easter weekend and that - I don't know where the time has gone! I saw Velvet Revolver on Sunday was amazing! I got so close to Slash, I thought I would pass out haha! however I don't think rubbing up against hundreds of sweaty people did my face any good. Although I have to say, I have had NO new acne for a few days though.....must be a good thing right?! At least it means that make-up is going on a ot easier and smoother and so drawing l
  8. Hey! I do see an improvement, my skin is very similar to yours and I had a really bad reakout around the same time but I'm happy to say I am waking up to no actives! My marks are really noticeable and it sucks, without them I'd have clear skin do you use anything for yours? Anyway good luck and fingers crossed for the prom!
  9. Hi! I'm not too sure about lessening the red marks, I think that the acv method will be too harsh while you are on roaccutane. I'm too sure about the scars, personally i think they have, but it might just be that there is less acne covering them :S not too sure. PLEASE make sure you wear sunblock, even when you arent on roaccutane because otherwise you risk aging quicker and damaging your skin beyond repair. Also you ncan get skin cancer, so please wear a high factor sunblock while you are on ro
  10. hey! well I have to say, i saw my parents today for the first time in a week and they remarked on how lump free my skin looks [obviously still wearing makeup to cover the marks] and I have seen a fair improvement. They're still popping up but only one a day, two at the very most which makes a massive change! I used to wake up to at least 10 actives, I currently have none...very exciting. Got my next Derm appointment in 9 days so will have to see what he says. I will definately have to look into
  11. I definately will look into them, I just bought them because i needed something straight off but i am looking for something that covers my red marks a bit more. so cheers xx
  12. I just got number 17, from boots, although it's cheaper than the almay I was going to get, it has always worked really well for me. I got super wear long lasting foundation - it has a spf15 too, and a new product of theirs - pure finish sheer mineral blush which i am loving what makeup do you normally use?
  13. I blame it on genes, all my family have had it at some point and my uncle used to have severe acne.....cheers family
  14. Just though I'd pop back and see how your doing, I'm glad everything is still going well for you
  15. i second the ice suggestion! It really does work...