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  1. nightmind--don't worry about the job and your face! I've been on Spiro since March also...100 mg. My face is still breaking out here and there but for the most part is about 60% better. I work in a nice retail shop/boutique and I used to ALWAYS be insecure about my face. I think I've just gotten used to it and have started accepting that this is the way my skin just is. One day my boss asked me what was wrong and I explained to her I was depressed about how my face was looking...she looked
  2. Agree! Don't worry about it! I know it's hard to deal with but you may deal with a few weeks of your skin purging all the junk out. I had the same exact thing happen to me and up until about 2 weeks ago, my cysts took FOREVER to heal and it was like they kept reoccuring...Spiro will kick in, just give it TIME and don't give up! Just remember that it's "purging" your skin- on the other side it'll be better!
  3. Babypink--our acne sounds like it could be the same. Mine has always been on my lower cheeks and jawline. I would definitely give Spiro a shot. Spiro is an androgen blocker. I've never had any problems with hormones either. Needless to say I've never had tests done but I've always had regular periods, etc. I'm just a normal, healthy girl! I'm 21 also and I've always had acne here and there until this past January. Right before my 21st birthday it was like BAM, hello acne! Before, a lit
  4. Baby Pink, I would suggest Spironolactone for you. I don't know if you've read any of the threads on it but it is beginning to work wonders on me and has already worked it's magic on so many other women suffering from hormonal acne. I would definitely ask your derm about it. If Alesse doesn't show any improvement by your next appt, then I'd definitely look into it. If I were you, I would just use Cetaphil cleanser. It made my skin baby soft. I was using Neutrogena and I found out that sali
  5. Reading all the blogs from today is so encouraging! I'm almost to the three month mark of using Spiro and you guys are right about those first icky couple of months. My face is STILL breaking out. At least 3 a week; however, they are not as painful or large as they used to be and some are even "popable". I went to the derm today and she upped my dose from 75 mg to 100 mg so I'm excited about that! I was using Klaron as a topical and it didn't do ANYTHING! So, my derm prescribed me Finacea
  6. Dawn--I've been on Sprio for 10 weeks now and my skin is FINALLY mellowing out. Not to scare you or anything, but you may get an initial breakout. I was on Doxycycline and Spiro for the first month and the doxy didn't help @ all. My face looked awful! However, I do think Mino is the better choice. Every person is different and you may not even get an IB. As far as your dosage goes, I think it's a good starting point. I weigh 115 lbs and I started on 25 mg for the first week then my doc up
  7. My period was a few days late my first time on Spiro and it's a few days late again...I should start anytime now. It remained normal the first month and I'm not on BC.
  8. Dubb U--your situation sounds a lot like mine. Not a day goes by that I don't get a new zit, except mine aren't "popable"! Even though their cysts, at least their A LOT smaller than they used to be. My red marks are so ridiculously ugly without makeup...it's SO embarrassing. How is the Tazorac working for you? I'm currently using Klaron and it's not doing a thing! I go to the derm next week and I'm interested in a new topical. I'm also going to ask her if I can be put on birth control...ma
  9. Time for an update from me as well! I've upped my dose to 75 mg and I go back to the derm in about a week...yay! I feel like I need help from the derm! My skin is "clearing" but the redmarks are ridiculous!!! I'm still wearing foundation and everyday minerals loose powder. I've started using Preventin-AT Scar Therapy 2-3x's a day and I really think it's working! I've been using it for about 2 weeks. It'll take a lot longer tho until my actual skin color comes through! lol! I only have 2 a
  10. Yeah, I thought about the dosage as well. I'm calling ydoc tomorrow to see if I can up it to @ least 75 mg. And my scars are red marks. I have a few indentions but they are barely noticeable. However, my red marks last FOREVER...usually take about 6 months or so to diminish...
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I was actually in a store today and this woman stopped me at the Clinique counter and told me how beautiful I was....for no reason at all! I teared up and told her how much it meant to me. I told her how much I was struggling with acne. A lot of times I'm sure it's all in our heads of how bad our acne really is. I guess it's because we see it everyday and we know what we look like under our makeup. Have fun @ the beach and don't worry about your face! I'm trying m