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  1. Well its been a few weeks since my last update, not sure if its even worth spending the time since I am not getting any replies to my posts thus far. I had another peel and a deep pore clense in the past two weeks. I also had a checkup with the dermatologist. The dermatologist said I had 75% improvement on my face. I am not so sure that I agree but it does seem to be a little better then it was. She also added Vivite daily anyioxidant facial serum to my list of products too use twic
  2. Hello, Well I am not sure if anyone is reading this but I will keep trying to make some updates. Yesterday I went to the Derm and got my first smoothbeam laser treatment. I was very nervous and even more so as they went over possible side affects and stuff I must do after the treatment. The people were very nice and answered all of my questions, each time I go in a feel that I can trust them a little more just based on the way they do things. My old derm would just give me some perscrip
  3. Well its been a few more days since the first peel and my face is back to being normal again. I called them Monday a little concerned about the redness I experienced from the peel and they gave me some cream that cleared up the redness within a few hours. I was rather pleased with the derm, when I got home from the office they had left a voicemail explaining that the head person reviewed my file and due to the redness recommened a fruit acid peel that is not as potent and according to t
  4. Well I had my first beta lift peel on Friday and I am feeling very depressed. My skin has been very red in spots all weekend almost like a sunburn with the skin peeling. They indicated when I got it that I should be about normal after 1-2 days but its not sunday night and it seems to look worse today then it did yesterday. I am supposed to get another one next friday but I do not know if I can take it...
  5. Hello, I am not sure if I made this clear but they do not want me to start everything immediatly. For instance they said to start the clenser and use that alond for 3-4 days and then start the pads using those two for 3-4 days and then another product and so on. So I am not starting everything on the same day but doing a bit at a time to start. The listing of products does not bother me much. I believe that they were all resonable and I think the total for them came to about 10
  6. I had my derm. appointment today after a long time of waiting and below is an overview of what they suggest. I would be interested in hearing what people think of these suggestions. Part of me feels like they know what there doing and that if I listen it will work, but another part of me feels that they are going to take every dollar they can until I just give up on them. Well I had the appointment. I got in early at 1:30 for my 2:00 apointment, and was at the office until 3:30. They
  7. It sounds like the medication, I am trying to find out if I hae a similer problem
  8. Keep trying stuff, hopefully it gets better.
  9. Its hardly anything to worry about, mine is much worse.
  10. Hello, This is my first posting to the site after being on and off it every so often for the past few years. I started getting acne a few months after high school, at this time I went to a dermatoligist and he prescribed retin a and 10% BP. After a few days on this my face became an angry red and very flakey. After a few more days I could not take it any longer and just stopped using the products. After this I was rather depressed. Eventually I stopped looking in mirrors and this wor