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  1. nice man, ive used the 10% bar before and its probably the best thing ive ever used. only thing was i had to use it twice a day. how often do you use it? and how bad was your body acne?
  2. I was recently prescribed this, it seems cool and i would really like for it to work since i have a very active lifestyle. has anyone else used it? how did it work? Thanks in advanced.
  3. yeah i was wondering the same thing about the foaming wash. i use the bar and its been okay for back and chest, not so good for face.
  4. Hey, has anyone tried jojoba on their back for acne and such?
  5. this thread makes me love my penis even more
  6. Yeah, my multivitamin has 2mg of Copper. I was just scared because people have said not to take over 50 mg of Zinc and I am taking 65 mg. I could trade my 50mg Zinc to get a 30mg Zinc, that would give me a total of 45mg of Zinc from all my supplements. Do you think that would be a better idea?
  7. Hello, I am a 14 year old male. I am currently taking a multivitamin that contains 15mg of Zinc (Zinc Oxide). I have recently started taking, along with the multivitamin, a 50mg Zinc supplement (Zinc Gluconate) to combat body and face acne. I was wondering if i am taking too much for my age because Overdosing is really something i do not want to do. Please help if you have any information for me! Thanks in advanced.
  8. Yeah, I agree with deoxytane, I have acne whether i am active or not.
  9. I would use the cleansers recommended by Dan on this site. I mean it makes sense.
  10. The 10% bar works great for me. I wash with it once a day and it works very well!
  11. try panoxyl 10% bar, im really liking it
  12. you should try PanOxyl 10% bar. I'm using it because H&S didnt work out for me. It's good so far.
  13. Has anyone tried Differin or Evoclin on their body acne? how did you use it and how effective was it?