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  1. Personally I stopped the regimen a month ago and am doing great with differin cream. I would not continue to use tetricyclin while on the regimen. Most breakouts I find are from doing to much to your skin. I would relax and stop the BP and get a nightly acne cream to work in tandem with the oral medication. Good luck.
  2. Why did you shower because you went outside? Only wash your face twice a day. If the BP is a little too much than skip a day and only put it on your existing spots. Try to chill about over-washing it is not good for your skin. Good Luck
  3. Go to a dermatologist and find another option. Ten weeks is to long to see no benefit. I stopped the regimen after three weeks because it wasn't healthy for my skin at all. I have been using Differin cream with great results. Good Luck
  4. All that stuff. The regimen to a tee for three weeks. It wasn't terrible, but I know that applying BP 24 hours a day indefinantly is not good for anyone's skin. I am going to find an alternative.
  5. I am done with this harsh routine. I didn't see any improvement and it tore up my face. How long b4 I can start something else?
  6. How efficient is it with old acne red spots?
  7. Anyone who has been on accutane twice please let me know if it is any easier. I am getting desperate and the regimen is not great.
  8. I am getting really tired of breakouts and hiding out because of them. i did accutane once in 2000 and it worked really well. But years later I am breaking out on the sides of my mouth. I am seriously thinking of accutane a second time and was wondering if anyone did a second course and if it was any easier? Please let me know.
  9. I have been on the regimen for two and a half weeks and I am about to quite. I never had my old acne show more clearly than on the regimen. It seems to be taking a long time for old red marks to fade. Although the bp gel does fight acne, it does nothing but aggrevate old acne marks making them more red.
  10. Differin worked really well for me once. I broke out recently but that was from a shaving product. Differin is a very good acne medication. It kept me clear for about a year and a half. Good luck.
  11. I have moderate but persistant acne and can't deal with it any more. I went on accutane in 2000 with great results, but broke out again although only in specific places. I was wondering if a second course is any easier than the first. Anyone with experience with a second course please let me know.
  12. Moderate but persistant acne...can't deal with it any more. Was thinking of going on accutane for second time. I went on it in 2000 with great results but broke out a year later, but only in specific places. Is the second course any easier than the first? Anyone who has experience with a second term of accutane please let me know.