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  1. http://www.livinglibations.com/body-care/s...abuckthorn.html it's sort of expensive but lots of good reviews.. I will let you know how it goes.
  2. Hi guys- I just went off DIane 35 abotu 2 months ago.. I'm trying not to freak out, but I do have a couple pimples when I was clear on Diane. The whole time I was using the acne.org cleanser and BP, but im trying tea tree oil because I cannoooottt get these pimples back! lol.. so long story short-- how do you guys use tea tree oil in conjunction with BP?? Anything would be helpful, thanks!
  3. I'm on Dan's regimen and I'm leaving for Cuba in a week.. I was just curious to know if anyone had sunscreens that they use that doesn't cause breakouts. I don't like using the greasy stuff so if anyone knows of any sunscreens that are safe to use on acne prone skin it would be appreciated. Thanks:)
  4. Just wanted to say your looking great and your attitude is amazing.. don't ever give up, your beautiful with or without acne and I know you will be more confident when it's all over. I'm 20 and wish I had done something more serious when I was your age.. you will not regret it, keep us updated.. I'm praying for ya. kait xx
  5. I go tanning once in a while in the winter.. because I hate being extremely pale.. I went a couple times in the last month, also to get a base for going away at the beginning of May.. but anyways I find it does seem to reduce the red spots, I never really thought about it until now.. but they dont completely go away.. just seem faded because your a little darker.
  6. Can anyone suggest something in particular? pleaseeee.
  7. Thanks for the input.. cameras make it hard to see but I assure you they are quite bothersome.. or else I wouldn't be on here.. the camera isn't showing it all.. plus those were from a little while ago... they've gotten worse.. thanks for your help though, I appreciate it.
  8. So I have had mild-moderate acne for a while. I've been on Dan's regimen for about 3 weeks and it seems to be doing good. I have about 3 or 4 active pimples.. but my face still looks terrible.. I feel as if every single time I ever got a pimple there is now a red mark.. My face is completely smooth.. and yet there are red dots everywhere .. I'm not sure what I can do..if anyone has any ideas it's greatly appreciated .. if I can add something into the regimen or anything..it's really frusterating
  9. Thanks for all your help Im really unsure of what to do because althought I have a few active pimples on my face.. my skin is completely smooth.. yet i have all these marks and I have no idea what to do anymore.. I feel so hopeless
  10. Congratulations! you are looking better every time you post, Im very happy for u!
  11. Hi All.. SO i suffer from mild-moderate acne and Ive been using proactiv for a while now.. while my acne wasnt really getting worse, it wasnt getting better either. I decided to switch from proactiv and use something with salicylic acid instead.. thinking it was the BP that wasnt working for me...anyways that just brokeme out way more and I've gone back to the proactive because Im out of ideas. So I ordered Dan's regimen.. hoping it will do better for me then the proactiv will and the BP will co
  12. I guess because Ive been with my boyfrioend for three years Im not really sure.. I think if I wasnt with him I would be wayy too embarassed to approach a guy. But my boyfriend has been with me since it was good, when it was really bad, and just the normal way it is.. I think whether mine gets clear or not (which I pray to God for me that it does).. he's going to stick around.
  13. probably once a week.. acne is probably the most frusterating thing ever because to someone whos never had it, its easy to get rid of, but to those of us who have suffered thorugh countless treatments with no results...i would easily say it's one of the most frusterating things in the world. Im emotional as it is so I can cry for a good hour and still be upset.
  14. Hey there.. soo I just read your blog and first, congrats on the progess your making.. your skin looks really good. About the girl- fuck her, not literally. She sounds like a total bitch and even though you have a thing for her, she cheated on her boyfriend with you, so its likely she would do the same thing to u if you guys got together. She doesnt seem worth it, your a good looking guy and who the fuck wants to be strung along by a girl who is fucking someone else and using you as a back up?