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  1. My motto is - "Pop one, get three."
  2. On the back of the moisture bottle it says you can apply it over the top. Just make sure the BP dries for 10mins or so first.
  3. Isn't that the whole point of acutane - making the acne rise to the surface?
  4. Oh boy I have been down a long and painful road of shaving irritation. I bought a very expensive electrical razor (top of the range Braun razor) after shaving with a wet blade to no avail for many years. Every morning I just buzz it over very lightly. Let your face get used to it. you just gotta keep on top of it because once you let it get some 2-3 day growth it is difficult to shave without pissing your face off.
  5. Heyy I suffer from acne too, join the club lol !

  6. Hey all, So I'm a guy and naturally don't know anything about facial masks. If I told my teenage self that one day I'd be using a mask I wouldn't believe it - but here I am I guess lol... I ordered the Proactiv stuff and while I don't like their products I did like the refining mask. I've actually got it on right now and it feels pretty good. The problem is, I'm sending the proactiv stuff back so I can't keep the mask or buy them separately at a later stage. So, I'm wondering what everyone's
  7. The way I think about it is if I can just not pick for 3-4 weeks then I shouldn't have anything that I need to pick! You can do it!!!
  8. Really work on the picking of your face! It was my number one problem and it's improved my face so much! I honestly believe that these under the skin pimples are due 100% to my picking and touching from weeks before where bacteria or whatever else has been pushed deeper in the pore. For now I'll just continue on fighting the regular kind of acne and hopefully they will sort themselves out in the their own time. Until then, I'm willing to accept any advice you have to combat these little suc
  9. I was expecting to see something horrible but your skin is very clear. Just don't pick it or touch it and continue on with life.
  10. 75% of my acne was just all the red marks and minor pimples all over my face. Not touching my face was one of the biggest parts of clearing that up. It gave me skin a break. With that and daily BP it's healed up really fast and the red marks faded away very quickly. The remaining 25% is pissing me off. Every single part of my remaining acne is under the skin bumps that make shaving and my overall complexion a nightmare. I really hate it. I don't know if they are cysts or just little nodule pimp
  11. I am never using the toner again! Just washed my face and that thing stings way too much!!! My face goes from feel very smooth and comfortable after using the cleanser to completely pissed off! I don't mind the cleanser except you can't get a lather going and even if you use lots it tends to thin out. I've just heard too many negative reviews from Proactiv, the company is no good, packaging sucks, too expensive and it feels so bloody gunky on my face, and when you're a guy who is very active t
  12. Hi guys. I'm looking for people who have tried both Dan's line of products and proactiv to comment. I got proactiv a few days ago and while I can feel it is doing an okay job I'm not particularly happy staying with the company long term. Ordering the stuff is a pain, expensive as hell and it's too difficult. Plus the toner seems pointless and it's painful. So, who has tried both or knows enough about both products to give me some insight? Any experiences you have had please share them. Than
  13. I hear ya! Best thing I think is to not stand up really close to the mirror. You will convince yourself that you will need to get rid of something. 3.5 days and counting
  14. I started proactiv a few days ago and I haven't woken up with any new pimples yet. My complexion is also improving. Haven't experienced and peeling yet but the toner stings pretty badly when you apply it. After it dries + adding BP + adding the moisture + 30mins later my skin feels nice. Lots of work... but I'm feeling confident that this is going to work. My acne is pretty mild and I feel this is the last thing to kick it in the bud and finish it for GOOD! Just hope it does something about t