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  1. I do about an hour of workout each day and I just take a shower after working out. It has not posed any problems whatsoever.
  2. The refining mask, or so the instructions say, should be applied about three to fours times a week over the entire face and you leave it on for about ten minutes, overnight is not recommended, before washing it off with warm water. The spot-treatment part is the one you can leave overnight and it's supposed to help you with individual pimples. Spot treatment is what this mask seems to be so good at ( according to proactive ), but I think AHA is better in that domain than sulfur.
  3. Just for reference, those who are on the regimen , When you skip one wash, Do you breakout the next morning? Or just nothing happens to you? How long have you gone without washing? Results? I am talking about skipping from the regime for whatever reason. Thanks ) !!!
  4. The moisturizer is supposed to eliminate flakiness and the dry look that the BP leaves on your face. You are lucky you don't get dry, but most of us do. Are you applying the right amount of BP (2 full pumps if you are using Dan's)? I think if you do not get dry you can skip the moisturizer, but it won't do any harm if you use it since your face will be smooth and healthier looking. Make sure you use sunscreen though so your skin is protected ( Moisturizer with SPF are good).
  5. I just got one question for you: Have you tried the regimen? I think proactive is very irritating to the face specially with that grainy cleanser that only makes your face red. Also, isn't 10% BP for the face too strong? That's going to cause irritation and maybe some burning/peeling. I think you should try the regime if you haven't. Regards, Good Luck!
  6. Why are you avoiding friends? Do not avoid friends! I don't think acne should stop anyone from having friends and specially supportive friends like the ones you'll surely find in this forum. Regards, Good luck!
  7. Clay (or anyone who wants to answer) have you tried Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion? Do they containt the same amount of AHA?
  8. This post is mostly directed to men but ladies feel free to answer as well. How do you get rid of razor bumps or those bumps you get when you pluck facial hair? I heard witch hazel works. Do any of you guys use Aloe Vera?