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  1. hey guys, have been on the regimen for about 2 months..and i saw awesome results!! but i made the mistake of adding st.ives apricot scrub..i was using NHSFL too and i figured that the scrub wud be a good way of physical exfoliation and giving my skin some BHA..but no!!! and it takes abt 2 weeks for the pimples to surface and its sucks!..while using it i dint even feel what my skin was going thru down below! i tried adding it to my regimen twice in 2 months.. doesnt work.. i added it the seco
  2. hey guys, have been on the regimen for about 2 months..seen grreat results..occasional rough patches because like a fool i tried adding st. ives into my regimen i use maybellines perfect concealer..to hide my acne scars when i go out.. in order to remove it, ive been using my normal cleanser (cetaphil) on my face with water.. i think it works..but i still dont feel that my face is ABSOLUTELY clear of make up..will it be safe to use neutrogena's alcohol free toner (http://www.neutrogena.com/Pr
  3. hey guys, ive been on the regimen for almost 2 months now..i cleared up pretty quickly once i started it..and i cudnt be more thrilled! around 15 days back, i added NHSFL into my regimen.. and it really helped with the marks and i think is still doing that.. but last week..i broke out! almost 6 new pimples,3 whiteheads and the other 3 were just inflamed spots..i was horrified!!! im using quite a lot of BP! and it worked initially..whats wrong now! as i said the only change has been addition of
  4. Thanks Brandy and Cool as kim deal, You guys r soo helpful . really appreciate it. this website has the most active and helpful community.. ill do as u guys say and use it once a day from now on..and maybe decrease the amount a little. cant wait to see improvement in a few weeks! thanks again
  5. Hey everyone, Ok so first impressions were wrong!!! Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (NHSFL) dint cause me any stinging and i was happy abt that.. But 2 days after using it, i realised that my skin had kind of become rough and dry. There was a little peeling in some areas.. it still doesnt sting though...is this normal? will it get better..and will i get the nice soft skin that ppl who use this lotion claim it gives? Pls help!!! Thanks
  6. Thanks so much your replies I will limit my usage of NHSFL to once a day. I read tons of reviews of this lotion on acne.org before buying it. Strangely, contrary to what most people feel, this lotion did not irritate my skin that much, leave alone peeling! Maybe its bcoz I've been on the regimen for more than a month. When I apply NHSFL on BP after it has dried for about 15 mins, the lotion stings a little. But when I use NHSFL simply after cleansing, it doesn't sting at all! Thats why I've b
  7. Hey Everyone, I've been on the regimen for about a month now and I've seen pretty good results except for 1 or 2 pimples now and then. I recently brought Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (NHSFL) spf 15 into my regimen to help with scarring and red marks. I was wondering when exactly to use it.. Should I use it 10-15 mins after applying BP (which I do twice a day)? which means I actually use NHSFL to rub the BP in.. OR Should I just cleanse my face and use NHSFL on it? Also, is NHSFL spf
  8. Totally agree! I post a question..and there it is faithfully in a few hrs!..Brandy's reply Thanks Brandy.. i hope you know how much you're helping people on this forum Jilly..Great that you're acne is going..i know how satisfying it is..after months of struggling..when it finally goes .. but how about the scars? what you doing to treat the post-acne scars? are they going away on their own? or are you using something? I have almost no acne now after being on the regimen..the scars seem to be f
  9. Hi Brandy, I'm also using Benzac AC(2.5% by Galderma) like Tal. The BP always leaves some residue on my face after its absorbed, which I rub off into my skin while using the moisturizer (Neutrogena Oil-free non-comedogenic). When I rub, the BP and moisturizer form a kind of white paste, which on trying I can rub off into my skin. I've been following this for the past 3 weeks and my acne has improved, except for some parts of my forehead. When you said to Tal that you do yours in the shower i
  10. Thanks, but when i try to put my moisturiser on the white residue of BP(dry and nicely soaked), they both a form a kind of white paste, which i have to really rub in before it disappears. is that normal? pls do reply..i hope ive not been doing it wrong all this while. thanks!
  11. I'm not using Neutrogena on-the-spot. I'm using Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% by Galderma. Should I still use the moisturizer on the white residue of the BP?
  12. Thank you Brandy, I'm not using Neutrogena on-the-spot. I'm using Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% by Galderma. Should I still use the moisturizer on the white residue of the BP?
  13. Hi everyone, Im new to this regimen and i just wanted to know when exactly to use the moisturizer.. the regimen says i should use it 5 to 10 mins after applying BP.. but then my face is still white from the BP residue. shud i wash BP off first before applying the moisturizer? Also are there any good non-comedogenic moisturizers you would recommend? Thanks a lot!