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  1. I am starting to get a lot of red and pigmentation marks. Has anyone tried using Polysporin as a treatment for red marks and pigmentation? Thanks in advance.
  2. I had a long post but I accidentally closed the tab so I'll keep things. Basically I thought it was a sunscreen that caused the spreading of my blackheads towards the bridge of my nose and my cheeks, but i remembered that I poked an undisinfected needle into 5 deep blackheads 3 weeks ago and Paula's Choice BHA is not really controlling them too well. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of topically applying antibiotic to my cheeks and nose 2x a day for a week and see if it will kill all the bacteria.
  3. The OCM broke me out like crazy. I was practically clear but now my forehead + cheeks are full of cysts. It worked in the beginning and my face was less oilier but I got more acne. I guess it didn't work for me. I'm currently on a topical antibiotic called Fucidin Cream and we'll see how this goes.
  4. Did anyone try to use cotton balls to absorb oil? Like do they work better at picking up oil than oil blotting sheets?
  5. I've posted this quite a bit before, but I make a homemade green tea toner and have been using it for a good month or 2. It's great! I use 5 bags of green tea brewed in about 6-8 ounces of water so it's really concentrated, then I let it cool, bottle it and add 10-12 drops of tea trea oil. I shake well before each use and refrigerate when not in use and it lasts me about a week to a week and a half. Very soothing stuff! Ok thanks and damn I thought grapeseed was an essential oil lol
  6. Nice to see someone that has the same idea. Also, I just found out the green tea needs something along with it to help it penetrate deeper into the skin because green tea is water soluble and our skin has a strong water soluble barrier. I'm gonna add some grapeseed oil because it's an essential oil, to enhance the penetration. Anyone know if doing the OCM for 20 minutes deposits enough essential oils or should I be adding grapeseed oil into my green tea bottle? I'm thinking of 10% grapeseed and
  7. I am thinking of topically applying green tea to my face at night as an antioxidant treatment. How would I fit this into my regimen? After the BHA of before the BHA? Thanks in advance
  8. Try to get your hands on a good salicylic acid/BHA beta hydroxy acid product like Paula's Choice or try an Aspirin mask. It should help your non-inflammed acne.
  9. Make sure to use a well formulated salicylic acid / BHA product like Paula's choice.
  10. In your experience could my grapeseed combo be breaking me out?? I just got thru cycle and had more acne than usual.... They heal real fast, but like yesterday I did my OCM and this morning woke up with a huge cyst on my face... It is not even noticeable, it is under the skin and sore as HELL!! I've been doing my mix for 3 wks with ok results... some purging but overall good results...my oiliness is gone.... none even in the morning!! And no need for toners or anything - my skin feels soooo sof
  11. Did you try Grapeseed oil? It's light, quick absorbing, moisturizes and possesses mild astringent properties. Not to mention it contains the highest linoleic acid. You can pick it up at your local health food store, plus it's natural.
  12. You might want to try to get a small amount of jojoba and test it out first because it can cause breakouts. It either works great for you or it doesn't work. If jojoba oil does break you out, you might want to try grapeseed oil or EVOO. You can find these oils probably at your local health food store.
  13. You can try to slowly get off it, like how you slowly started on it. Like you can start reducing the amount you use and the frequency slowly until you are completely off. Thats how I got off my other products that I used to use.
  14. I'm exposed to the sun around 10 minutes everyday on my face and neck daily during my car ride to school. Do you think these 10 minutes ,after a period of time, will worsen my hyperpigementation marks? Also, do car windows filter out UV rays?