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  1. Hey There! I just wanted to say hello. I'm 37, and I, too, am experiencing all the fun that is Accutane. You'll love this site. You'll find so many encouraging and helpful posts. I'm just finishing up my 4th month. My top three helpful hints (for whatever they are worth!) Keep Aquaphor with you always. It's the only thing that saved my lips. Drink your water (my skin was extremely itchy if I did not drink my water) and third . . . well, I guess I just have two helpful hints. The th
  2. WOO! ED county REPRESENT! :D

    Yeah, I'll be leaving in August lol. Must branch out. O_O

    Thanks! :D

  3. Hey Cris, Long time no talk! Hang in there girl! You're almost done.

  4. Just saw that you were from Cameron Park. I grew up in Placerville. Many years ago! Good luck with your skin!

  5. Hey everyone, I'm checking this message board to see if anyone else is having probs ordering from the new EM site. I see several of us are having probs, but all a little different. I did have the problem with it saying my email was already used, so I used another one. But now I get an error message whenever I click on my shopping cart. After the error message, I just get the 'loading' window that never goes away . . . I hope they fix this soon! But I will be patient, I truly love these pr
  6. I've had a real problem with red marks. Seems that dry patches flake off and leave the red mark, which takes FOREVER to go away. My Derm. said the Accutane prevents my skin from healing and the red spots won't really go away until I'm off the meds. I found that dabbing some Aquaphor on the spots at night keeps the dryness down and the spots seem to disappear more quickly. On a happy note the spots are easier to cover up with mineral make up then the pimples, which I have not had for almo
  7. I just started wearing EM about two months ago, and LOVE IT so far. I live in Houston and it's very humid, but I don't find it's a problem at all. I use the intensive and really love the look. In fact, I got my first, EVER, compliment on my skin the other day. And it was from someone who just met me so she didn't know what my skin looked like before I started my treatment. Not only did it give me a boost to keep up with my accutane treatment, but it made me a firm believer in Everyday Mine
  8. Okay Ladies - I have been converted! I have ordered . . .3 trial sets of EM and am happy to report, I have found my color! Light medium. Now I'm trying to decide the type, right now I'm using Intensive. So, are they going to cut me off with the free sets soon? I sure hope not! I'm using multitasking for concealer, which seems to be pretty good too. I love the coverage and the natural look. And the fact that I don't seem to need any sort of touch up during the day is so nice! I live
  9. Hey Jules, Thanks for the encouragement! I'm pulling for you too! It so helps to know there's so many of us going thru this. I enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for putting it all out there! Here's to perfect skin . . .well, in 5-6 months! Take care!
  10. have you noticed anything beneficial?
  11. Hey Everyone, I need some input! My neighbors son was Accutane years ago. Has skin like a baby, even 7 years later . . . His doctor advised to take 1000 mg of vitamin E everyday, so I decided to give it a try. Right now, I'm taking 800 mg and will talk to my Deem. about it next week, but I'm wondering if anyone else has heard of this, or tried it for that matter. Thanks!
  12. Hey there, It can be really hard trying to cure your acne on your own. For people like us, most over the counter meds don't really work. I would definitely try Dan's Regimen or better yet, see a dermatologist. That's what I finally did and it really helped. At least I felt I was doing something about my skin, instead of just playing a crap shoot of what 'may' work. Ever if the derm. does not prescribe a med, they can suggest products what will work best for your skin. Best of luck to you!
  13. Hey There! Congrats and the progress with your house. And, on trying Aquaphor! It's a godsend! Oh and what's MMU?
  14. Day 20! Well nothing too exciting to report. No new activity on my face. Just lots of red spots where old ones are still healing . . . which it taking forever! It felt like a cyst was forming on my forehead, but after a few days it just seemed to dry up and never progressed (Thank Gosh!) Pros so far: My hair is so much better. I know I've said this before, but I'm really excited about this. I have, what I call, Baby hair. Very fine, thin and straight. By the end of the day, it's
  15. I just started Accutane (only 1 month in). I'm gearing up for another tat but just realized I probably can't get one now. I'd love to hear from someone about their actual experience of their tat healing while on or just done with accutane.