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  1. I felt like looking back at my old pictures and found this topic again. My skin's been completely clear and acne-free for months and months now, almost a year - I went to a doctor and started taking this drug called minocycline. That, coupled with Murad face wash and clindamycin gel has made my skin absolutely amazing. I never get pimples anymore except on occasion, and when I do, they go away within a day or two. It's awesome! I definitely recommend trying this if Accutane has failed you like
  2. Nine years and I've wasted thousands of dollars on products that don't work, or only work temporarily (Accutane, I'M LOOKING AT YOU.) I decided, I'm done. I'll just wash my face with some over-the-counter crap and keep using makeup. Whatever. You know, if my skin was completely clear, I'd be hating something else about my body. It's really an inevitable thing, being self-concious about particular things. So... yeah. Screw it, I don't care anymore, I have zits and I probably always will. Unless
  3. I'm getting a ton of pimples - a mix of whiteheads and the regular red ones - on the right side of my face. And ONLY the right side, around my lower cheek. The left is completely clear and smooth, but my right is pretty much ruined by red marks and little zits that keep appearing. Why is this happening? I don't touch that side of my face any more than the other side (less, actually) and I never sleep on that side. I tried sleeping with the left side of my face smushed to the pillow for a whole
  4. I've been using it twice a day and it makes my skin EXTREMELY dry and flaky. Lotion only works for a bit before it gets all dry again. Should I use it just once a day instead?
  5. Isn't it true that getting rid of skin layers makes the red mark healing process faster? Proactiv dries my skin out like crazy and makes it peel like a sunburn, I'm wondering if that's good for the mark's appearance or not.
  6. I heard tea tree oil was good for the skin, and I'd been breaking out just mildly before using it. After using it, however, it's like it screwed up my whole balance. My skin's been getting worse ever since I used it, even though I stopped. I should have just left the mild stuff alone, but nope... And I'm not sure I want to drop another $600+ on something that might only possibly work.
  7. Going to rant a bit here. I spent A LOT of money on Accutane. It worked. For a few months after I stopped, anyway. My skin is back to being acne-prone and breaking out all over the place. Isn't that great? I feel fucking jipped, I wish I could get a refund. I thought Tane was supposed to "permanently" dry up the sebaceous glands; I guess not. I was so worried about it coming back, and it happened to me. I just happen to be one of the lucky "rare cases", I guess. AWESOME. So now I'm trying Proac
  8. Yeah that's what I figured, I'm just really surprised at the difference!
  9. You could feasibly use accutane if it's extremely persistant and not responding to treatment, which is what I did - but honestly, your skin looks great to me. I know it's hard to listen to other people's opinions, but yeah... have you tried a more holistic approach? Vitamins and etc?
  10. In addition to taking more vitamin supplements I've started sleeping on my back, and I've noticed a HUGE difference! My face is less oily when I wake up, and my existing zits are disappearing faster. Does this work for anyone else? I think it's awesome.
  11. Accutane will not cure your blackheads. Mine came out completely when I was on tane, but then they came back within a matter of months. :\ You pretty much just have to live with them, and use cover-up if you're self-concious.
  12. Hey everyone! It's been almost a year since I first started Accutane, and I decided to post my after-results thus far. The red marks are almost completely gone. My skin had gradually returned to being slightly oily, and I notice I'm getting pimples again - nowhere NEAR as bad as before, and they're all up on my forehead/hairline area, so I'm guessing it has to do with my hair. Unfortunately the blackheads on my nose returned, but again, they are not as bad as they were before. I have been
  13. Week 26 Sorry about the lack of pictures! I lost the cord to my digital camera so I couldn't upload them to the comp, but I found it again, so I'll try to get some up by tomorrow. My face keeps getting better and better and I haven't seen an actual zit in months. I'd DEFINATELY recommend Accutane to anyone, the side effects were not as bad as I'd heard and it saved my confidence!
  14. I used to spray saltwater mix on them (H2Ocean) and that seemed to help a little. But really, time is the only thing that really "works", I found out... and drinking a lot of water.