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  1. Look, Im sorry if i pissed anyone off. i just dont like to see ppl getting hurt.. especially when your older.. retired.. you should be loving life.. not dreading it.
  2. yes i especially favor the parts about how my derm who is my family member is a money grubber how i will be ugly afterwards even though i fuking hot now, lol and how were ALLLL GONNNNAAAA DIEEEEE!!!!!!!
  3. I'm not trying to scare you.. or anyone else.. I'm not trying to scare you! Really, I'm not! I'm just saying that accutane is straight from hell and will undoubtedly kill you. Acne has been around for DECADES. You say doctors only care about money. true, some do, but a lot have MORALS. If there were some MIRACLE NATURE CURE, it'd be out by now. No one can cover that up. Are you trying to tell me that you somehow discovered something that the ENTIRE medical industries of several contries overl
  4. You said you purchased it.. But you did not state that you followed the program.. you said it's bullshit instead. Now.. Im going to agree with you that It is a bit costly for the small bit of info. But the Information he provides is true. You gotta devote time to it, rather than say.. oh this is bullshit. Try it.. it worked for me.. look at ppl who talk about what happens after a liver flush.. they dont get any breakouts!! and neither have I!! Accutane is far from a cure. It might take your zi
  5. You need a liver builder to complete the whole process.. what i mean by builder is somthing that builds the strength and capacity of your liver to keep your blood detoxed