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  1. I dont understand.. purging means throwing up your food after you've eaten it..
  2. Alot of people say they use toothpaste to treat MINOR spots but i have no idea whether to try it or not, i mean some people claim it works magic but I dont want the toothpaste burning my face or something. Has anyone ever tried toothpaste & was it successful? is it a myth?
  3. yeah red marks are generally scars you can get stuff that helps 'repair' scars but if you still have breakouts you should keep away from products for a while cos scar creams usually are very greasy
  4. yeah i agree with everyone else i hate getting them on my nose, chin and around the mouth. at the moment i have two above my lip but below my nose and i think im gonna get one on my nose as well.. ahh and yeah the spots on the lip are so so painful aswell
  5. I have two pustules on my face. How do I get rid of them? They have been there for four days! I put green tea on them and they seem to have shrunk a little but I need them gone or at least almost gone! Thanks everybody!