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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to get some insight and input on your experiences. This is my 2nd time taking accutane (first dosage happened about 9 years ago). Long story short - I am finishing my 2nd month of Claravis (next week to be exact) and have noticed improvement in my skin (still breaking out here and there but the frequency is starting to slow down). However, I have noticed that in the last few weeks I have developed these flesh like bumps under my skin all over my face. I am calling it m
  2. Just checking in today... I did not go to the doctor last week as I had to cancel because of work but one thing that I did notice is that my skin really calmed down within a week of breaking out. I would normally still have a ton of red, irritated active blemishes on my face by this point. I had a wedding on July 5 and my face was still very red, irritated and a ton of pimples so there is definitely a major difference in that. I'm still taking my supplements daily and am still going to look into
  3. My skin is starting to calm down a bit. I've been moisturizing my skin more than usual and am only applying the topical to the acne that is currently on my face. It does help shrink the pimples and I have not broken out since the initial few pimples that I got earlier this week. I was really bummed out and was very loose with my diet but I am going back to eating clean tomorrow. I have an appt on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of birth control. I am not convinced with it but I am willing t
  4. From what I noticed with the topical, it seems to reduce the breakouts and dry them out much quicker, but you're right, it does not prevent anything. So I'll keep applying it until it heals the actives on my face and then for the two weeks that I'm clear i will give my skin a rest. I will look into DIM and probably end up buying it this week. I'm willing to try anything. i definitely need to find better carbs to binge on. Thanks for the reply :) With the natural route, as with modern me
  5. Well... it happened. I broke out like a mofo over the last day or two. I'm really bummed out and depressed today. It could be due to PMS or this breakout but I am completely just ugh. I'm not sure what to expect with natural treatment of acne... Is my skin going to breakout like usual until a few months from now? I dont know if I was expecting too much but maybe its because my skin was REALLY good the week or so leading up to this week that I felt like I saw the light at the end of the tunne
  6. So... this week is the devil week where I'm expected to break out. I have not had any new actives on my face, just a few from my previous breakout that are refusing to go away. However, no new pimples is a plus and I am rather impressed and mostly curious to see how my skin is going to respond this month. Too soon to tell? I'm debating whether i want to take a pic of my skin before this week is over to really track its progress. I have been getting a little more loose with my diet as I have b
  7. I think boosts progesterone, improve thyroid function and insulin resistance. Yuup I'm still a noob with this whole supplement natural acne cure way but from what I've read it helps with hormonal acne. Thanks for the link! I will continue to do my research :) I just want to check in... Nothing new really to report as of today. I don't have any new actives and my diet has been 90% consisting of boiled veggies, vegetable soups, salads (no dressing except for lemon or balsamic vinegar). I did
  8. Hello everyone, I'm not quite sure how many people are going to actually ready this but I write it in hopes that I can help someone, as well as log my journey and see what works for me. I have various posts from 2008 including my journey on accutane from start to finish. I became very obsessed with my skin at that time and decided that it was best to stop worrying about it so much which is why I left acne.org in the first place. And here I am 6 years later lol... Quick descripti
  9. Been over 3 months. Im completely clear. No actives DKR is a miracle and a blessing. My next journey? Getting rid of red marks! I am so grateful that I didn't have to resort to accutane round 2!! I now eat chocolate without fear (kinda, lol). Life's a tad bit better
  10. Day 66 (workout day 31) Hey everyone, it's been a little while since I last posted on here. Everything is going pretty well with my skin. It's clear for the most part besides 2 pimples that I have but I am convinced after multiple times of experimenting with eating chocolate that it is caused because of that. So as much as I enjoy chocolate, I am going to stay away from eating it. Still using DKR but I only apply the BP once a day. Really regulates the dryness and I don't feel as if I need it
  11. Day 38 (Workout Day 3) I've stopped applying the topicals since last Thursday and started DKR. The reason I did this is because I am still trying to find out what is causing my oily skin. Also, I had been experiencing dry patches near my scalp. I have NEVER had that before and I was trying to stick through it but it was annoying me. Anyway, since stopping the topicals, my face has appeared a lot less oily. I'm grateful for that. I am loving DKR. Haven't experienced any dryness yet and the stub
  12. Hmm... It could be the 'purge" I started to see my skin "purge" about 2 weeks or so into it. The reason that I experienced it faster could probably be the fact that I started using topicals with it as well... My derm told me that taking Mino alone (no topicals at all) would not clear up my skin. I don't know how bad your skin is but that might be something to keep in mind. Hang in there! Are you using any type of cleanser at all?
  13. Day 36 (Workout Day 1) Things are looking wonderful! I haven't had any new actives in a while. The mini breakout I had a few days ago is completely gone! No redmarks. It was gone as fast as it came. I do have a T0N of redmarks but that is a whole different story. I'm feeling more and more hopeful at this point. I've even been inspired to start working out again after about 2 months of quitting and feeling completely hopeless with myself. Diet is going to change as well, no more junk. Not only
  14. I completely understand how you are feeling. I'm sure that everyone on this board knows exactly how you're feeling or else we wouldn't even be on here to begin with. When I was younger, about 13-16 is when I really started having problems with my acne. The one time that I can clearly remember is 2 years ago, when I was at my lowest in terms of confidence, my mom took one look at me and said "omg, what is wrong with your skin? It's terrible!" She didn't mean it to be rude or try to bring me down,