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  1. Day 35 I f-ing want to quit! I HAD to stop using the BP on my face because my face was peeling horribly AND I still had these horrid blackheads all over my chin. My chest was okay, but I still had a few little whiteheads and if I wasnt careful to moisterize, my chest would get red and really dry. It would look like I aged 50 years. I have been using the regimen on my back regularly, and it was pretty clear, until just recently. I am 65% clear, but the few zits I have are HUGE and PAINFUL. They
  2. Okay, its Day 29, and I am 99% clear. I have been sticking to the regimin using Acne Free that I bought from walmart. My skin has gotten used to the BP, plus I no longer use the toner that comes in the package. I ordered Dan's BP (although I recieved nothing but an empty mailer and am currently waiting for the real product) and I will be happy to use that and a gentle BP wash (I hope to get from Derm). My regimen is: Morning - Take a cold shower washing back, chest, and face with BP cleanser by
  3. I just wanted to let everyone know that I ordered Dan's BP gel. I received nothing in the mail except an empty mailer. I called the company that had that shipment address, and the woman on the phone said this had happened several times. I just want to make everyone aware that you may be spending your money on nothing but a scam! She told me that she would send my shipment priority mail, but I thought I should let everyone, including Dan that people are scamming money. Thanks, Anne
  4. My dad and his sister (my aunt) both had acne. My dad's was mild but my aunt's was severe. She just turned 40 and she still breaks out a little. My mom's side of the family is blessed, not a single pimple for any of them. BUT, the good news is that I inherited great teeth from my dad's side, but my mom's teeth started rotting from the time she was young. She just turned 40 also and she has to wear partials!
  5. Okay, day 21 and I am so frustrated. Why couldn't I just be born with beautiful skin. some people are so damn lucky. Anyway, I had to stop using the BP for awhile bc spending 5$ for a .75 ounce tube of Neutrogena was BS. I ordered Dan's BP and am waiting for it in the mail. My skin finally feels soft again and not as dry as dirt, but alas, I am so painfully broke out under my jawline and chin. My chest was ok for a couple day w/o the BP, but now I have a few big ones pop up this morning. My back
  6. Okay, it is day 16, and my face, chest, and back have cleared up considerably since a couple days ago. I followed the regimen religiously. The only problem is that my face and chest, even with slathering on moisterizer, is red, itchy, and irritated. I mean Santa Claus red! My skin looked great when I woke up this morning, but after I used the BP gel and then the moisterizer, it felt like my face was on fire! I am going to try and use the gel only at night, but wash-tone-moisterize in the morni
  7. Okay, it is day 14. I felt really crappy a few days ago and skipped the regimen twice. BAD IDEA! My chest broke out, although not as bad as before. I just got a few big ones and a lot of little hard bumps. My face still remained clear but started to get really oily. THEN, I broke out on my chin like never before. It was a nightmare! I owe some of the breakouts to hormones, but STILL- COME ON! My back and shoulders stayed pretty clear, but I also had a really nice tan from laying out. I am reall
  8. Okay Folks, GREAT NEWS! My chest is 85% clear in only 1 week! My face is slow going, but that is due to the fact that I had to switch to a gentler method. I wasnt using moisterizer on my chest, and my neck turned really red and dry with some white patches so I have been slathering on the moister after and the redness has gone away. I have posted pics in the gallery under Anne's Pictoral if you want to see my progress. I have one reply so far and I didnt realize that I never put a link to my p
  9. Okay, its Saturday and Day 3. I started out using Dan's R. on my face and chest. I wish that I would have posted pics of what I looked like on day one, but I will post the changes so far. My face: After day 2 on the regimen, my face looked like gravel! My skin was SO dry and peeling (even using moisterizer). All of my acne dried up, except one pesky under the skin one which came to a head today. I had to stop using a lot of the BP and I switched to this stuff called Ance Free (similar to Proa
  10. Thanks, I will try not to...I also wanted to add that I just bought Neutrogena's Facial Toner also. I am going to try that as well.
  11. Intro - Hi Everyone. My name is Anne (Hi Anne) and I am a acne sufferer. My acne started when I was sixteen and has gotten worse since I have gotten older. I have mild acne on my face, back, and shoulders, and moderate acne on my chest. It is weird because my acne has migrated from one area to another. Right before my period, my face breaks out bad but my neck and back get pretty clear. After, my face clears up, my chest breaks out. I dont think I have ever been completly clear. I did try a m