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  1. Thanks for the recommendation @Zephyr101. I am moved by the progress made by a user named Reailly altough i'm very new in this forum. But what stalled me from moving to TCA cross is the lack of specialists to do it here. There are 2 Doctors which i found,and both of them used Nokor for subcision. I've had a pretty traumatic experience for the first Subc,as it kinda stuck halfway trough my upper left cheek and i remember the Dr pushed it quite aggresively,resulting in quite bl
  2. Hi and thanks a million for this amazing space. I have been suffering for the past couple of years,when i started to have acne scars. I never see this coming as i never had scar problems until i was 30. Of all the rush to saved my life from the scars,i have done qswitch yag lasers,and multiple times of microneedling (6 or 7) with little to no effect at all. These previous treatments were done by some spa or aesthetician,which i later found have very little understanding of my