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  1. Good for you man we are almost at the same pace....best of luck to you....i know how hard it is to deal with red marks....haha but hopefully they will fade.
  2. DAY 28-59 WOW THE DAYS GO SO QUICK....i really havent updated this in a long time....Im currently on 40mg going to 60mg on my next month... This drug is really a wonder drug. Practically 100 percent clear except for two pimples. Things are really going great. Side effects are really minimal. Im so happy this i took this drug. Still have red and brown marks but even so those are going away fast. Hope the next three months are just as great. Looks like my skin is finally looking the way its sup
  3. Day 28 Just about at the one month mark....it sure feels great having one month done with. My nose has definitely cleared up alot.
  4. Day 16-25 Wow the days sure go by quick....i cant believe its already been more than 10 days since i updated this. Well things have been somewhat ok. i broke out in my forehead which was really disappointing. Also a couple in my cheeks but nothing too bad. Had my derm visit the other day and it looks like he will be putting me on 40mg for my second month( instead of 60mg). I guess thats not considered low dose anymore....i guess thats ok....hopefully i dont break out going to 40mg. The healin
  5. DAY 13-15 Well things are going "ok". i have this annoying pimple in my nose that is really noticeable. Its not a whitehead yet but i just hope it goes way. The side effects arent that bad my dry skin isnt too bad.
  6. Day 10-12 Well it finally looks like things are actually calming down alitte but still some oily skin i have. My lips were definitely DRY. I had to put alot of chap stick to help me out alittle. Overall I'm actually liking this drug. I'm alittle scared about going on 60mg because im not sure what type of reaction my body will have.
  7. Day 6-9 Well i havent updated this in awhile so here are some things that have happened. Hopefully this IB is over with. My acne doesnt seem to bad right now, but it seems to early to see results. A strange thing happened yesterday. My left arm suddently had red dots. Its not much but enough to scare me to visit my dermatologist. Turns out its just a skin reaction to Accutane. I guess I should change the title of this article to full DOSE Accutane because he told me the next time he sees me, I
  8. Good luck with Accutane. I started a couple of days ahead of you. I will be looking forward to reading your log.
  9. Hey good luck with your course of Accutane. I pretty much started the same time as you did, so i will be definitely reading your log. Best of luck on Accutane
  10. DAY 5 Dammit. I think im starting my IB!! All of the sudden i have little bumps now that hurt only alittle but still very annoying. My skin isnt looking so good right now I didnt apply any moisturizer today and boy did it really make my skin flaky. I thought being dark skin (Hispanic) would not make me flaky, but i was wrong. Anyways, i guess im glad this is going to end soon i hope.
  11. DAY 3-4 Well seeing how i havent seen much change in my skin, I will probably be updating this every other day or so. So far my skin does seem a little bit dry. Other than that not much to report. Regarding acne, it seems under control right now but its probably going to end real soon with IB coming. Hope its not that bad.
  12. DAY 2 Hmmm....nothing much to report.... face seems feels the same....i guess i should give it some times to feel side effects. Anyways so far so good..If anybody is reading: How long did it take you to notice side effects? Thanks
  13. I'm currently taking accutane(20mg) and i know that u are not suppose to wax but what about plucking? I find myself needing to pluck my eyebrows because if i dont, i get a unibrow. Any ideas? possibly threading?
  14. DAY 1 Yeah today i started my low dose accutane course!!(Sotret). Im so excited to finally start Accutane i hope i dont get a IB. Here are my before photos.... And for anyone reading and on accutane: Which sunscreen should i use? And what type of moisturizer should i get? I do have sensitive skin and I generally have oily skin. Thanks for you support guys. hope things end up well for me.
  15. Well today i had my derm appointment and it went better than expected. He is starting me off at 20mg a day which is considered low dosage. Hope this really works. Just one question for a whoever is reading. I'm getting my blood test on Monday and he already gave me my prescription without dating it so that i can date it when i get my bloodwork done so my question is: Can i go directly to the pharmacy after im done with my blood test or do i have to see my doctor again for my results? Because my