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  1. For the past several years, I have rarely been sick. And even when I did get sick, I kicked it rapidly. I have been on 25mg of spironolactone for the past two months, and just came down sick for the THIRD time within that two month period. The first was a short-term fever/nausea bug. The second was a sinus infection that lasted a solid 2 weeks. And now another sinus infection. I've seen a few other members report similar issues with spiro: Does anyone know why it has this effe
  2. I just ran into this issue myself (well, not school swim lessons, but a beach trip coming up), although I have both chest AND back acne that needed covering up. Not an easy task outside of scuba gear! So what I ended up ordering was a sleeveless rash guard with built in bra and a high neck water polo suit, so I have two options. Hopefully they'll fit well once they get here! And I already have several bottoms that will work with them. Good luck!
  3. Yeah, this is MUCH better than what I was achieving with my old makeup!! I look forward to seeing how it lasts throughout the day Thanks again!!!
  4. OMG thank you SO MUCH for the info!!! I'm going to run out to the drug store today and pick this stuff up I'll let you know how it goes!
  5. My acne is hormone related and nothing topical touches it. Nothing topical causes it either. I can put super-moisturizing, oil-containing, hand/body lotion on my face and it doesn't make the acne any worse. So I'm not worried about makeup clogging my pores and making things worse...it won't. I just need a foundation that will actually cover up those red spots. I've been using Cover Girl Clean makeup and it works decently...but not well enough. What I need is some hard core cover-anything makeup.
  6. I changed my diet a couple of months ago, which included limiting my carbs to 40g a day and cutting out ALL processed sugars. It didn't take long to notice that my adult acne (face and chest) was almost cured by the change. So now I'm trying to understand why. I read through this ridiculous site: http://www.acneyoda.com And then read Antony's great response to it in this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/The-Acne-...ml&p=535870 But I'm still a bit confused. Antony says that the li
  7. The best price I've found so far is this: http://www.vitamindeal.com/now-pantothenic-acid-250.html 250 caps of 500mg PA for $9.50, 3 bottles for $27.75 or 6 bottles for $53.99. Has anyone found it cheaper elsewhere? I've been taking 10g (spaced out over 4 doses) per day for a week and a half now and haven't noticed any improvement
  8. Just wanted to say real quick to make sure the B vitamins you're taking explicitly say YEAST FREE on the bottle, as most B vitamins are made with/from yeast. I just found out last week that I'm allergic to yeast. Fun fun...
  9. Definitely use a moisturizer. Personally I use Clean & Clear's Oil-Free MORNING BURST Shine Control Moisturizer. It doesn't control shine worth a crap, but it's a good moisturizer and is oil-free, so it won't cause more pimples. It'd probably be best to apply it BEFORE applying BP - that way you can apply it to the wrinkles around your eyes without having to worry about getting BP in your eyes.
  10. I'm not 100% clear, but the pimples I get now seem to all be hormone related right before my period...so I'm at least making progress. AM: Gently wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Pat dry Moisturize with Clean & Clear's MORNING BURST Shine Control Moisturizer (oil free) PM: Gently wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Pat dry Apply Glytone Essentials Wipe Away Cleanser (contains glycolic acid) with a cotton ball, just as you would an astringent, and leave it on. I also started up
  11. For me at least, looks like taking Aleve after you've broken out doesn't do any good. So next month I'll try taking it sooner and hope it keeps the zits from ever forming!
  12. Sure I'm worried that my skin will get worse while I'm pregnant...but it'll so be worth it. I've always wanted kids