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  1. Physically, no one is ugly. No one. Really, its your lack of confidence that makes you think you're ugly. The "Simple truth" is... Some people would actually kill to have your looks. Cut the crap and start telling yourself how good looking you are. Dont focus on the acne, that is only temporary. Your eyes, nose, lips, body, etc are what defines "good looks" not lack of acne. And its your heart, your insides, the person that you are that really makes you beautiful. Work on that. well,
  2. I wish that was true for everyone, but only do a small percentage of people find success after just graduating from high school. Bill Gates not only was smart; he had luck. A lot of people who enter enterprising and business play a gamble. They invest in something and if they're lucky (and make some smart decisions along the way), they'll find success. But for most people, such grand luck doesn't always follow. That's why most people go to college, because if you at least graduate from college
  3. ChowYunFatt

    Hey, acne.org looks great

    Am just posting pictures here to begin with. If and when I find the time, I might put some before-after photos.
  4. 1. What is your current age/grade? 17, junior 2. What kind of student are you? Cumulative GPA of 3.8 STUGO president The kind that most people like but at the same time know that I should not be screwed around with. 3. What is your fav. class? English, Publications, (history, if our new teacher wasn't such a slackin asshole), any of the arts 4. Which subject do you hate? Algebra, Trig, Pre-calc, Calc 5. Which is your best subject? English, Publications, art, music, drama, history 6. What after s
  5. exactly. also...regarding someone's comments about my negative post ("this is a forum for helping people"...etc), i apologize for being so harsh, but i do honestly think that the guy is good-looking and is insulting those acne war-zone faces. Hell, even if all of us on this forum had totally clear skin, in comparison to everyone else i'd say he'd still be in the good-looking category.
  6. I've gotten one of these facials before, I screamed so hard for two hours straight I felt like one of those monkeys that has his head cut open by that sadistic african tribe that wish to eat raw monkey-brain sashimi. That was four years ago. My face was pretty swollen for a couple of days--I had my facial done on a Friday or Saturday, I think. By the time I returned to school, I had perfect skin...............for one week. And then the acne started to come back, gradually. And after a while, it
  7. Maybe I'm Asian so all white guys look the same. But I feel like blowing your brains apart with a magnum revolver for wasting my goddamn time to look at your photos so I can tell you you're not ugly. I'm not faking this. I'm angry at you. I would kill for that face. Sorry if I sound gay, but you look great. You don't need a new face. Perhaps you don't need to be the hot-headed man with a reputation like me, but what you do need is a pair of frickin balls and a frickin head that actually has a
  8. You know how all those nice people on the forum post stuff saying "you're not that bad looking," or "YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL," or "what the hell is the guy talking about, your cute!" ? Well I've had people say those words of encouragement to me also, and I can never help but feel this sudden bit of self-esteem in the beginning, then a point when I become skeptical and think of all of the comments as BS that are just there to make me not stab another one of those damn zits with a damn needle and jump
  9. Hey man, I don't know if this is what you're feeling, but I was also one of those angry acne guys. I never smiled and always glared at people, I destroyed my face into a bright red mess every night, at times I dreamed of killing people and I couldn't remember a day of being happy. A day spent without at least two sudden surges of intense anger was an unusuall day, and I frequently hurt myself pounding on walls or mirrors or kicking doors and smashing things. I began to drank as a kid and I cri
  10. This is a simple yet extraordinarily powerful and wonderful post that can evoke from me tons of memories and a long reply--but I'll keep it short Things I missed or lost: 1. socializing with both old and new friends 2. the self confidence that could've prevented me from keeping my distance from everyone. 3. any interest in dating or even being close to the opposite sex 4. outdoor activities 5. prom 6. any care for clothes 7. any care for my face--I'd squeeze them for hours everyday, my mirrors