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  1. I just want to add to this because I have pretty much the same problem and am hoping people on these boards can shed some light. I am also in the northeast and around this time of year (late oct/early nov) I start breaking out terribly. I have had my first cysts in several months and the overall state of my face is a mess. I can't help but attribute this to the cold as it seems like the most obvious reason. Cookey Monster, as to your point about not blaming the cold because the breakouts st
  2. Hey guys, I haven't been on these boards for a year or two because I've been clear enough for me not to care. I still have blackheads and usually 1 or 2 little whiteheads but it doesn't bother me too much. However, in the last week, I've had my worst breakout in years. I have two big cystic zits, when I hadn't had any in a really really long time. Why is this happening? I've got some theories but I need your advice/help. - Food allergy? Can't think of anything way out of the ordinary tha
  3. So I have finally found a moisturizer that really works for me after years of thinking that every moisturizer would break me out. Now I am a little confused about how best to use it. I have combination skin with a really oily t-zone. Should I just moisturize the parts of my face that are dry or should I use an even coat of moisturizer over my whole face, and assume that the dry areas will get less dry and the greasy areas will produce less grease? If I do take this approach do I need to be
  4. I've never had a ton of luck with cleansers. I have sensitive skin and they either seem to irritate it or just do nothing. I currently use Paula's Choice BHA 2% and aloe vera gel at night and then I moisturize in the morning. All these products seem to agree with my skin and are helping but my skin still isn't perfect and I get some pimples. My question is whether or not a cleanser would help me. Things seem to be getting better and I feel like I've made the mistake of getting greedy before
  5. it's funny, I used to be sure that dairy was one of the things that broke me out. I recently started taking my fish oil capsules with a shot of kefir and I've been almost entirely clear for the last two weeks. I think it has something to do with emulsifying the fats, or something else that is completely over my head. Either way, kefir has helped me.
  6. So I've had persistent acne for about 4 or 5 years and sometimes its better sometimes worse. I'm not going to list all of the things I've tried but topicals have never worked for me and the only thing that got me mostly clear was the ocean and coffee enemas. I'm done with enemas for various reasons but three weeks ago I did a two day juice fast then I started taking milk thistle and fish oil at the same time and became almost completely clear over the course of two weeks. It was pretty incr
  7. I don't know if this is the right forum for this but I was wondering, can anyone recommend a good dermatologist in the Portland area?
  8. Same thing happened to me two years ago in ecuador. I have a lot of theories but I still can't completely explain why I went from terrible skin to clear and back to terrible.
  9. I posted on this thread a little while back but never got the answer I was looking for. The baby brush method has helped me a lot with my white heads. I think there was definitely some dead skin clogging my pores, but it has also irritated my skin a lot. I now have little (sometimes not so little) red bumps and blackheads that I have never had before. I don't want to give up the manual exfoliation because it has really helped me but I want to find something more gentle. Someone a few posts
  10. Romeo, First of all, thanks a lot. I really appreciate all the time you take out to try and help people, its really generous. Anyway, I've been using the baby brush method and it has almost completely stopped me from getting whiteheads and between the baby brush and using just water on my face I've stopped getting cysts as well. Also, before this I couldn't even wash my face without it getting flaky and dry but now I can actually put warm water on my face without having to use moisturizer (I
  11. I've started washing my face with water only and only once a day. In two weeks all of my cystic acne is gone but i'm still getting lots of whiteheads. I think it's because I don't exfoliate. I don't want to use products on my face cause they all lbreak me out. Any ideas? I was thinking about the baby brush method. By the way the just water method has been very effective. Running out the door but any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks