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  1. I never picked the spot, but looking at it closely, it is "Warped!" Is it scar????!!!
  2. Hey, I'm currently on a 6 week Doxycycline 100mg. It worked for the first 3 or 4 days, but after that acne came back! It's my 3rd week... Anyone with similar experience???
  3. Hey, Is it ok to use light/bp/ and vinegar on face at the same time? What is the right order to use it? BP, then vinegar, then light? Or vinegar, BP, then light? Thanks!
  4. So, nobody uses blue light and doxy together??
  5. Hey I have VeriLux Phototherapy system. Can I use it while I'm on doxycycline?
  6. Well, I use Neutrogena 55 SPF Ultra-Sheer http://www.amazon.com/Neutrogena-Dry-Touch...d_sim_hpc_img_1 I also have the SPF 70 version... But I don't use it because I want to finish the 55SPF first. As for diet, I am very good. Vegetables, fruits, and clean meat. I apply sunblock to my whole face, and it is only my chin and jawlines breaking out... Nowhere else.
  7. OK. I use Blue/Red light, and it's been working well for me. I wake up with no whiteheads, and red cycsts calmed. I wash up, put on sunscreen, going through the day. But at around dinner time, the whiteheads just come back! and red cycsts look inflamed! Why?? I don't think i'm using anything that clog my pores...
  8. Hello, I have 2 Verilux Lamps. As you know, they are HUGE! So, my question is, since the manufacture recomendation is 15 minutes for 1 lamp... I plan to set up the 2 at 45 degrees facing each side of my face -- not completely from the sides, but pretty close. My trouble area is jawlines and chin. So, should I reduce the 15 minutes since I have 2 lamps and don't have to my move my face?
  9. That's why my face is all red!!! LOL.... I think I learned my lesson haha.
  10. well i turn it on when I goto sleep. so about 8 hours of blue/red light every night for me... haha!
  11. I'm using Verilux and have been for about 3 weeks. After the 2nd week, I broke out, and now currently recovering from it. I'd say it works, but you gotta stick to it daily and accurately to allow the light to work.
  12. Well I'm almost clear, but my major problem is my chin. And I think Verilux is getting all the pimples under my skin out of my system. Will 6 hours of blue light irritate your skin and cause breakout?
  13. Well I've been using Verilux and it's my 3rd week. It dries you not as bad as Benzyl peroxide, but it stops all oil production for me. I actually need some oil production now since it's dry lol.
  14. Hey, Has anyone ever tried going to bed with blue/red light on and 3 inches away from your face? Will the prolonged 6 hours of light treatment work? Or is it wont? Please please provide some insight here thank you!