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  1. you're hot..the acne isn't bad and i do understand on what you mean as far as coming back here and there. Have you tried to eat more healthier,drink more water???..for some reason, heavy dairy products broke me out..although i still drink milk I have tried to minimize my input of cheese since i noticed that that alone broke me out...
  2. my redmarks/spots are declining so fast I am amazed so far with the results...
  3. The Redmarks and spots both are fading relatively well...so excited for this product!
  4. after the first day, i applied as instructed, 2 times a day on my redmarks..I must say i can see spots/marks starting to fade and gradually blending in with my natural skin tone although still viewable still the results im getting so far that problem should fade away ( PUN INTENDED! )..it didn't brake me out as in pimples or anything of that matter..so far so good people but it's still early I'll keep you all updated as many times as I can! PS. I dab twice Vita K during the day..I use Neutrog
  5. Hey! I just ordered it, and it should be here within the week... I am hispanic with a tan complexion, so I will let you know if this works within a week of me using it. : ) Also am taking before and after pictures (after picture will be taken a month from now). EDIT: Okay, nvm! It JUST came today!! Gonna try it tonight! : D Wow, that was fast... (I ordered it about three days ago!) same here..im hispanic with a light to tan complexion..it came yesterday and this is the first day offici
  6. I just got my Vita K today ... hopefully this will help my red spots..
  7. It didn't really helped me but the acne that I had on my face we're gone after some time of course best product out! that's how strong I feel about it..
  8. I was given Finacea to treat my red spots and It has worked but as said above the irritation level of such product is hard to avoid!..I've been on it for a little over 3 wks but I will go back to my derm and ask for a different product
  9. to me it would be on the tip of the nose..the worst since its straight smack in the middle of your face for all to view
  10. i just ordered Vita-K and i intend to use Oil Free Neutrogena (sp?) as my moisturizer...I'm thinking of putting progress pictures up on a weekly basis..
  11. I was wondering since cocoa butter is good for stretch marks and such is Palmers cocoa butter scar serum any good at all in helping of fading red marks,spots on the face?
  12. the reviews for DIM have been all been great!..I also wanted to know if by any chance if it helped in reducing or fading of spots left behind by acne?..