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  1. off the subject here, but where do u go get ur hormones tested?
  2. I love to make homemade hummus and eat with whole grain flat bread, olives, feta, tomatoes & cucumber (makes a great lunch too). Nuts, banana chips, prunes, unsweetened apple sauce, organic yogurt (Brown Cow Maple is my fave). Hummus recipe: Can of Chickpeas EVOO Oregano (dried is fine) Tons of garlic little seasoning water if too thick Onion powder Cayenne Pepper 1/4 cup Tahini Lemon Juice Black Pepper Coriander Cumin Blend all together
  3. clou


    Here's my take on whether DIM is safe or not. Now mind you I am only taking 50mg per day and not megadosing. DIM is a natural supplement that is equal to a few pounds of cruciferous vegetables. It's not synthetic and it is not a hormone. It's simply a food that is known to help regulate hormones. Flax seeds, spearmint and saw palmetto do as well. I suppose you could eat a few pounds of broccoli a day to get the same affect but that's a lot of food. Not to mention the gas and bloating you would
  4. I think you need to address your dry skin since it could be the cause of your breakouts. Glycerin and water works really well to eliminate flaky skin. If you use an acne treatment or mask, just spot treat on the blemishes. Clay or mud masks usually draw out oil and dirt and can dry you out. Or, how long have you been using Vitamin E oil? It can break some people out. Is it pure vit e or does it have other ingredients? The water in Texas could have been the culprit if you don't think it was t
  5. You can order a saliva test kit from www.johnleemd.com. They say a saliva test is more reliable than a blood test. If you go to your doctor, they will probably test your blood. Take the hormonal balance quiz first to identify which hormones may be effected.
  6. Day 8 for me. No new breakouts. I have no active lesions on my face at this time which is unusual for me. Just thousands of blackheads in my t zone and some scars. I have been really good about cutting out bad carbs and sugar in my diet and got on the green smoothie bandwagon as well. I'm the female taking EstroBalance 50mg DIM/day. I just checked myself in the mirror and I'm pretty greasy; however, I moisturized with a few drops of jojoba oil since I was a little dry. Hormonal imbalances ar
  7. clou


    I don't worry about it anymore. one-of-five go to page 1 of this thread. Has some good info.
  8. clou


    Not as oily anymore. It would get so oily I could "feel" it. Yuck. I don't have to blot multiple times a day anymore.
  9. clou


    Day 5 This is my first post here. I have been taking 2 EstroBalance pills a day since Thursday night which is only 50mg/day. I ordered Natures Way but got impatient and started calling around to local vitamin shops and scored! I'm 32 yo F, 5'1" and 115lbs. Mild to moderate acne since 13. Retinol and AHA products have significantly helped with breakouts but no luck on blackheads and oily T zone. You can fry an egg by the end of the day and every single pore in my T zone is a blackhead. Started
  10. I wish I could take zinc. It upsets my stomach too much, even in small doses like 25mg on a full stomach. Be careful not to overdose on zinc. It is harmful in large quantities.
  11. How about getting the liquid "egg beaters" in the carton that have less cholesterol and added nutrients? I think they have less of the yolk.
  12. I have come to the conclusion that bad diet and/or hormonal imbalance is the cause of adult acne. Bad diet can attribute to hormonal imbalance so I guess it really comes down to diet. Check the ingredients in everything you eat. Just about everything has corn syrup in it... Bread, ketchup and anything processed.
  13. Here's a link of past discussions: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=136861 I too experience clear skin when I go on tropical vacations and scuba dive daily. I don't know if it's the minerals in the ocean or the sea salt or the humidity.