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  1. this has somehow worked wonders for my skin. i use about 40% castor oil and 60% jojoba oil. i just put it on in the shower and then hold a warm wash cloth over my face a few times until the oil is removed. my friend has tried it with olive oil and says it broke her out. the biggest difference i have noticed are my blackheads. it has helped EXTREMELY well with this. i also am using retin-a so the OCM keeps my skin from drying out. i have used jojoba oil on its own before to treat my skin but not
  2. I have recently moved and all of a sudden my acne started flaring up pretty badly. There are two things different from where I was before: 1. The place I'm in now uses a water softener and my previous apartment did not. 2. I have terrible allergies in the city I am in now, but I don't know if there is any connection between allergies and acne. I am writing to see if anyone thinks either of these could be a culprit as to why my skin suddenly started breaking out. I know stress from a move is o
  3. I just recently moved back to my parents house and they use a water softener. My skin has broken out like CRAZY and it was not before. I'm seeing all these replies as to hard water being bad for your skin, but my skin was doing much better when I was using plain old city water. /cry ;P
  4. I got an entire series of professional glycolic peels and it did little for my skin--but I am very fair and sensitive and could never go past a 35% solution which is still pretty superficial of a peel. They were 2 weeks apart, and had my dermatologist gone to 50% solution I may have seen results. It probably depends a lot on the depth of damage and what your skin can handle. I have also done home glycolic peels and here are my experiences: For lighter peels (20-35%), a week apart is ok, for 5-6
  5. Yes..it's true..it is different for everyone. I am vegan and not only do I not eat any dairy, but I also eat very healthily in general and I still get break outs. I think it's a sensitivity or allergy to dairy that can cause acne. It may do nothing to some people, and stopping dairy consumption may not help at all if that's not what is at the root of the problem.
  6. it's not tri sprintec. it's just sprintec. they make both the generic versions of ortho cyclen and ortho tri cyclen. i am just on the regular ortho cyclen. Isn't tri sprintec a triphasic pill (generic ortho tri cyclen)?
  7. i'm on a monophasic pill, and it cleared my skin in 2 months (the first month was kind of rough, but the body needs to adjust to the pill). my doctor prescribed it over the phone and when she was asking questions to figure out which kind to give me and I told her about my skin, she seemed confidently eager to prescribe sprintec for me (which is the generic version of ortho cyclen). nothing else has ever worked for me in my life, so i'm still shocked. years ago I was on another birth control pi
  8. is it normal to breakout when you first begin taking ortho tri cyclen? does it subside once the body adjusts, and if so, how long before improvement?
  9. So I began taking this stuff (vitex) in tincture form a few weeks before "that time of the month". I have really bad PMS symptoms which include acne problems. This stuff is supposed to help with that and it actually worked. I am a complete skeptic about a lot of treatments, and you never know with herbal ones so I was hesitant but left pleasantly surprised in the end. I've been taking it everyday a couple times a day and I first noticed my PMS symptoms were really at the bare minimum of possible
  10. it's been about 5 days for me, the only thing i notice is that the healing seems to be going quick, BUT..i'm also taking a few other things that are probably helping as well. i'd give it a few weeks. i think the people that see dramatically fast results either may have a zinc deficiency that was a root of their acne..or are lying
  11. well the only problem is--i was already at the low end of my "healthy weight" meaning like..i was probably the lowest weight i could possibly be and still have a healthy BMI. now i'm on the verge of being "underweight" (BMI is now 18.5 which is the lowest it can be). i dont want to keep losing weight but i like the way my skin is taking to the supplements so i hope it just levels out. i'm also vegan..i guess this probably has something to do with it too. i should have said that. thanks for the
  12. I started taking some supplements for my skin, Vitamin A, B complex, C, E, zinc and chromium. Also a tablespoon of vegetarian omega oils everyday. Even though it was only for my skin, I've been losing weight for really no apparent reason at all. Has anyone else began taking their supplements and lost weight? I know this isn't directly related to skin, but thats why I've been taking the supplements--NOT for weight loss.
  13. Could just be eye strain. I recently got glasses (which I didn't even know I needed till I went to the doctor) and wearing the glasses got rid of my awful headaches and my eyes didn't feel tired all the time. Guess I was straining too hard without even noticing it. There's a good chance it could be fatigue, even stress, tension, anxiety..could be a number of things. In serious cases, it can be some sort of neurological problem, but that's much more rare I'm sure.
  14. I've been taking vitamin C and E (among other things) and I think I've actually been sleeping better. I've never heard of vitamin C causing sleeplessness, but I guess it could happen. Are you taking within the UL of vitamin C? It's about 1800-2000mg per day I believe. Though vitamin C IS water soluble, too much of anything is never good. Chances are there is vitamin C in your multi-vitamin, and obviously in your two extra doses you're giving yourself; you may not need this much. My only suggesti
  15. I don't eat meat or diary so I make sure I get a lot of vegetables, preferably dark green vegetables which have a good amount of nutrients in them. I eat moderate amounts of soy products for protein, as well as beans. Since I don't eat animal products or byproducts, I don't take the fish oils, but I do use a vegetarian formula of 3-6-9 omega oils. I just take it by the spoonful and it's awful, but gotta get it done! I take vitamin A, B complex, C, E in the morning, along with the omega oils(and