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  1. dammmnnnnn this stuff sounds expensive, but thank you all soo much...it seems like its worth it so far. thanks a bunch
  2. Anyone know of any 8-10% Glycolic Acid products?? Im trying to incorporate this into my blotchas reg and when i went to buy some I couldnt find anything anywhere...So if u know the name of any glycolic acid products that i can buy over the counter I would appreciate the help.
  3. hey man, for sure it sounds like what i had happening to me. i dunno if u wanna stick with dans, but im tellin u, blotchas reg has worked wonders for me. i havent broken out in like 2 weeks and thats amazing for me. anyways, yea man, it also takes away the problem with the sweating and the skin feels, to me at least, a hell of a lot smoother and less oily. but hell, if this is working for u and u dont wanna switch, then i guess i got nothing lol
  4. Hey guys and gals. I have this chickenpock scar on my left cheek that ive had since i was around 10. heres a pic of it ( http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...&cmd=si&img=384 ) but i was just wondering if it will ever clear up on its own, or if im stuck with my little battle scar forever. I dont mind it at all, just wondering.
  5. yea i used proactive for like a year but it never really worked. it did make my skin feel really really soft tho. i kinda liked that a lot.
  6. i thought your body never got immune to bp?? i dunno thats just what i heard, maybe im wrong?
  7. nope, im the opposite lol. for me it seems facial hair of longer hair kind of hides the acne. i dont know maybe im just a freak
  8. lets see, this is now DAY 12. I had a couple new little teeny tiny bumps which is weird b/c i usually get bigger bumps. they all went away pretty much overnight. i only have one that has been on my right jaw and its pretty normal size for what i usually get, and its been there for a couple days. but pretty much my face is clearer than it has been in years. i dont wanna keep my hopes up too much cuz ive tried everything there is, and it always looks promising at first, but never works for long. a
  9. i just checked both of my sunscreens, but i dont know how to find out if theyre non-comedogenic. how do i find out? i use coppertone sport ultra sweatproof(spf 30) for tennis because anything else pretty much comes off after like 30 mins. anyways, i also have my neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with and spf 15.