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  1. i feel the same i believe i've locked myself away from too many social events due to my acne, i turned down a few girls at high school because i felt too ugly, even though they liked me, em also i feel my grades could have been even better if not for acne also i believe i would have been a much more relaxed and happy person is stupid acne never existed
  2. this is a stupid thread, absolutely stupid, focusing on "celebrities acne" how sad is that
  3. hey man it doesn't even look like you have acne, you have no scarring, or severe active areas you should research what a cyst is because thats just a small spot on your face, you have very mild acne and your skin looks good condition p.s. look at the gallerys on this website, then you'll see what cysts are and what severe acne actually looks like
  4. lol, after reading these lists, almost everything is bad, i mean we all have to still live, are you guys telling me milk with my cereal is bad for my acne. or fruit, i mean come on i hate acne but i still got to eat health, obviously greasy foods are bad and sugery sweats. i just think an excess in anything is bad, a balanced diet is the way forward, but i suppose my skin looks like crap to be honest
  5. quick question, i have bad acne, my face is norm dry in the morning due to medication etc... is there any good moisturisers that would not clog up my pores?? if so i need some advice. i live in uk, so if anyone has any examples over there that would be good, but if you are from anywhere elso can you tell me what kind of moisturisers i should be looking for in a shop and what kind of description or properties in the moisturiser. i.e. whether they should be oil free or gentle, as i do not know ver
  6. pascottish


  7. amen buddy, just wish i thought more like you, i'm gonna try harder to be more possitive
  8. hey altagirl, i may be looking into getting accutane finnaly, as i turned it down a few years back, due sporting interests. thanks for posting a journal as it prepares me for what is going to happen, even though we all get different side effects. my g.p. has put me on basically all of the other strong antibiotics and they seem to stop some acne but it isn't clearing, so its time for drastic action LOL, would you recomend i maybe start in june so that when i return to college in september my f
  9. hi, would you recommend accutane??, as i am lookin into it

  10. yo man, i seen you looked on my profile, would you recommend roaccutane?? as i am lookin into it??

  11. yeah i know they mean no harm, i only meant the single minded people, and i also hope to get some good advice from this site.
  12. thanks for the support :D

  13. Keep your head high mate no ones perfect..