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    football, watching movies, MMA, all martial arts and parkour
  1. 5'8 165 pounds under 10% body fat
  2. Not the meanest thing someone has said but yesterday met one of my best mates other friends and i have a diff type of acne scars that i havnt seen alot of on my cheek and he said " hey man whats that on you're face looks like you got stabbed" now whenever someone asks about my scars i make a new story up each time
  3. errr Accutane -------> Happiness and great life -----> Pain -----> Weed ------>munchies---->roll ups----->Happiness
  4. no dude don't listen to these non- believers learn her schedule kidnap her and hopefully she will get stokholm syndrome and identify with her captor i.e you! and then thinigs will be sweet. P.s this is a joke i take no responsibility for anyone's actions as a result of reading this message. im shanio and i endorse this message
  5. what type of treadtment do you get for a scar that is raised?
  6. cheer up i know how you feel i have some pretty bad scarring but you have to remember being sad won't help any just make you miserable so try to cheer up a bit and enjoy yourself. Life is full of obstacles and it's how we overcome these obstacles that defines us as a person.
  7. i got blonde/brown hair but imma dye it black with red foils in like 6 hours hell yeah gonna be crazylookin!
  8. smoke tons of weed and all you're childhood friends like micky mouse and scooby doo will keep you company
  9. no you should have said hey buddy have you been smoking cock cause you look like a faggot HAHHAHAHAHA no offence to gay people.
  10. Hi umm im just coming off accutane after like a year or something due to my work and sport etc and was wondering if anyone has ever used the topical mentioned above it's a 4% BP with some other stuff in it my derm reccomended it to me any suggestions?
  11. Acne isn't the end of the world and should not make you lose faith in God if you believe, that's really petty i see acne as a test that god has given us and how you deal with this test is a defining moment in you're life, for me it has strengthened my faith shown me a path which was not open to me before given me a new train of thought and way at looking at things. At the end of the day people just really need to sit down and take a long hard look at themselves and be grateful for what they ha
  12. I believe acne is a challenge in life and how you deal with that change defines who you are as a person and before you had acne did you pray to god? did you beleive in god? and if you did beleive and your acne made you question your faith did you think about the starving people in africa or the wars in the middle east and sudan etc ? Although acne is bad and gets you down now and then you should always be thankful for what you have im assuming apart from your acne you're healthy but when you p
  13. Yes you have by Leeland and mighty to save by hillsong united awesome songs always cheer me up and make me happy