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  1. I just stopped using foundations 2 month back after years of addiction! I would never leave the house without these, but not anymore, I did 3 good deep facials with light peels and derma planning first at a great medical cosmetician and my skin looked much better to somehow be naked, so I stopped using the foundation first so my brain can accept that look then a week back I stopped using under eye concealers (still trying to live with it, may be need more facials and peels to fix this area, LOL)
  2. Have you used a new product, shaving or shampoo recently?
  3. First you need to find a solution to reduce the acne on your first, did you discuss accutane with your doctor, thats what helped me a lot in my case, then to be honest, I have been doing derma planning at a reputable medical cosmetician in my area, I could see some improvement after I did it twice. I will keep doing it and report later.
  4. Is there any good acne spot removals out there?