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  1. Hey wazzup!

    page hopping and thought I'd say Hi.

  2. Hi Johnny! lol *waves* :P

  3. hey welcome to the org. what part of cali are you from?

  4. FUCK!!! You met Zooey Deschanel the GODDESS?!?!?!

    Since we're on this site, did she notice your acne?

  5. Hey guys I have a quick questions. I know that if your pregnant you should never take accutane, and I know that they prescribe bc for women who are going to take tane. Is it alright for a male to be on tane and have sex? will there be birth defects?
  6. I'm studying for the GRE... I take it Oct. 2nd. You?

  7. welcome to the org. hope you find this site very helpful.

    haha yeah it takes awhile to get used to this site. I'm studying too! gah my head hurts from all this cramming. what are you studying for?

  8. not much, just busy studying :(

    I'm such a noob on this website, I'm not even sure if I'm supposed to reply on this comment thing!!

  9. hey thanks for the add. whats up?

  10. just wanted to good luck on your treatment and that your very beautiful ;)

  11. Hey,

    When did you go to Romania? How did you end up there?

  12. yeah retin-a takes some time to kick in. they say you have to wait about 3 months to notice some results. retin-a is a great topical hang in there and give it some more time. im sure you will the outcome.

  13. hey. so when you were taking retin-a did it work? if so how long. im using retin-a 0.1 and its not really doing anything and ive been using it for about a month and a half. :P